About Me

Hi! My name is Xueqi and I live in the sunny island Singapore. If you can't already tell, I am a makeup addict. I am no makeup artist but I love makeup and skincare - basically anything beauty related. I love both budget and high end products, so you will be getting a little bit of everything. All the products I review on my blog are purchased with my own hard earned money, unless otherwise stated. I do mainly reviews and swatches with a few makeup looks here and there.

I love seeing how a simple makeup trick can change how a person look! The process of putting on makeup and late night experiments are just so enjoyable to me. I love binge watching my favourite YouTube beauty vloggers - Kathleenlights, Tati, Allana Davison, Emily Noel and so many more. I get into my little bubble of all thing  pretty and believe me when I say I can be in it for a whole freaking day.

I just got back to blogging in 2015 and hope to keep this site updated as frequent as I can! I hope you will enjoy my little beauty bubble as much as I do.


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