I have been away for way too long. Let me know what type of posts you want to see :) I will be sure to update more in 2018.

Ok guys, this is a looooooong overdue haul from elf that has been sitting in my drafts since March 2017.

Let me get right into it with the reviews!

e.l.f Hydrating Bubble Mask

Bubble type masks are suppose to deep cleanse your skin gently as they help to hydrate your skin as the same time. I have used one from Too Cool For School and Sum:37 before. To be honest, I really do not get bubble masks. My skin always feel a little tight after using this and I do not see much of an effect despite almost finish the entire product. The only one that seems to work well with my skin is the Sum:37 one - less stripping and somehow I feel that it brightens my skin slightly after each use.

Maybe oily skin will prefer this mask as it really does cleanse your skin well. This is too drying for my liking. ps the pump on mine is already broken lol. No fate with this product.

e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Finishing Powder

I really love this powder! Perfect for my combination skin. I don't really like matte finishes on foundations so I usually do not use any powders to set my makeup. So far I have a few that I switch around and it really surprises me that all are very affordable options. One of them is this elf beautifully bare powder! I highly recommend this if you want to set your makeup without losing the glow, or if you have dry skin.

My other favourites which are pretty similar to this are: Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder and RCMA No Color Powder.

I have heard great things about the Charlotte Tilbury compact powder and how it gives you poreless looking skin without drying it out. Might want to pick it up soon.

e.l.f Beautifully Bare Total Face Palette

This.. I totally got it because of the packaging. Product wise I would say it's nothing special, not my favourite but if you want something subtle and simple for day to day, you can give this a try! The powder is really creamy for the price you pay. The colours are all very light so only suitable for light to fair skin. Not a fan of the highlighter as I really like that beaming glow on my cheeks hahaha. For a natural glow, my favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow and the Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana.

e.l.f Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick $5
Touch of Nude, Touch of Pink

Pretty sheer lipsticks for that no-makeup makeup days. I gave both to my mum and she likes how easy they are. These are the type of lipsticks that you just throw into your bags and don't even need a mirror for touch ups.

Studio Brushes
Crease, Blending, Highlight

Crease - A fluffy domed shaped brush for blending out transition shades. Not my favourite as it is not fluffy enough. A little too thin for my liking. I prefer my Morphe brushes much more!

Blending - One of my favourites now. I love using this to blend out darker shades on my outer corners. Very soft and blends out shadows like a dream! I carry this in work makeup pouch.

Highlight - Too big for highlight in my opinion. I would suggest using this with powder to set your concealer. Something similar to Sigma F35, just less tapered.

Overall, really no complains. The elf studio brush line is amazing! For $3 a piece, you really can't find better deal anywhere else.



  1. welcome back!! since it's been so long, i'd love to see a new/recent favorites post :)

    1. Really been too long! Missed updating this space. I'm working on my recent favourites right now :) stay tuned! xoxo

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