YOHOO! Kathleen is back with another collab. Even though I'm pretty sick of collabs now but Kathleen is the only person that I will support no matter what! I have all her collab items even if I rarely use some due to the shades. She is so lovely and sweet. K 女神~

It's Morphe, another affordable brand. Unfortunately, this palette is limited edition and was already sold out on the first day. Pretty crazy huh. Kathleen mentioned in her video that they will not restock after selling out. But due to high demand and it being gone in less than a day, they are bringing it back again. So stayed tuned for new on their social media accounts.

Price $14.99

"I'm so happy to be sharing this palette with you guys! It was so fun to think of all the different colors. I love putting them together! I can't get enough of it and I hope you feel the same way! You guys mean the world to me! Thank you for always being so loving and supportive! Enjoy! Xoxo" - Kathleen Lights

I pretty happy with the size of this palette. It's slim and fits in all my makeup bags. Another travel friendly option!

What a beaut!

Under sunlight

With flash

The first row consists of neutrals. You can pretty much create a look with just this row alone.

#1 is a shimmery white shade. I'm so in love with this for highlighting the inner corners!
#2 is a matte bone shade. It may look boring but it really completes the palette.
#3 is a super super beautiful neutral orangey brown with a satin finish for the crease.
#4 is a gorgeous shimmery gold. Perfect undertone without being too yellow.
#5 is a shimmery chocolatey brown. Super fall appropriate shade.

All the mauves~

#1 is a matte cool toned greyish brown. This matte shade blended out really well. I like using this on my outer corners to deepen the look.
#2 is a shimmery cool-toned purple.
#3 is a shimmery bronze shade. Another of my favourite neutrals.
#4 is a matte mauve-y dusty purple. This was pretty chalky to swatch with quite a bit of fall out so I suggest doing your eye look first.
#5 is a matte deep burgundy shade. This swatched better than the previous one.

Pop of colours~

#1 is a shimmery deep olive green. SO GORGEOUS. I felt so sad wiping the swatches away.
#2 is a shimmery bright green. Not something I see myself using very often but it is super pretty and it's nice to have a pop of colour amongst all the 'user-friendly' shades.
#3 is a matte dark neutral brown.
#4 is a matte poopy (mustard-ish brown) shade. I really like pairing this with the 3rd shade on the first row.
#5 is a matte black. I like that this isn't too pigmented = no fall out. You can totally build this up and achieve the intensity that you want, without having a black eye.


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