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palettes has been really popular ever since popular YouTubers raved about it. I decided to pick one up for myself to give it a try...... Even though I have SOO many palettes already. It's just never enough. I chose The Nubian Palette which again has only neutrals and earthy tones. I'm so boring omg.

I do quite enjoy the packaging of the palette. Very simple and artistic. An Egyptian feel.


With Flash

The shadows are all really pigmented as expected. I do think it still lacks a matte bone/cream shade to set my base and also highlight when I want something less shimmery. Other than that, this is pretty much a perfect palette for warm tone lovers.

It has matte warm, neutral and cool browns, shimmery champagne, rosey tones, copper, bronze and golds.

I have only used it once so far - it applies and blends out really easily. Darker shades can have fall out so I suggest doing your eyes first before moving onto foundation if you are doing a darker look.



  1. Could this be a dupe for Morhphe 350?

    1. They do have a few similar shades. While 35O has mainly orangey and warm tones, The Nubian has a mix of a couple berry shades. I personally prefer this over 35O :)