Singapore's H&M finally launched their Beauty products. I picked these up quite a while back and I'm back with a haul and simple reviews on each item. So far, the beauty department can only be found in their flagship store at Somerset.

Not quite sure what to expect so I only picked up 4 items - a concealer, blush, lipstick and nail polish.

The packaging is so so pretty. Gold x White x Black. Classic combination.

Radiant Concealer Pen - Ivory S$14.90

"A highlighting concealer with a silky feel and a natural, radiant finish. The caring formula offers low to medium coverage. Keep one in your bag for quick touch-ups – this also doubles as a highlighter. 1.5 ml. How to use: Apply alone or after face primer and foundation."

Ivory has a yellow undertone which is what I prefer. This concealer pen was not my favourite. It has little to no coverage after blending out. Maybe it just doesn't sit well with my skin but I guess if you have pretty good skin and just want a little something to brighten your under eyes, you can give this a try.

Powder Blusher - Rosy Brown S$14.90

"A soft powder blusher that blends easily for a natural, healthy-looking glow. The sheer formula offers buildable coverage and comes in an array of elegant shades to match any skin tone. 5 g. How to use: Apply alone or after face primer and powder."

This isn't too pigmented and is perfect for beginners. I hate overly pigmented blush that gives you clown cheeks. Rosy Brown is a darker mauvey shade that's great for fall. I might be tempted to try out the lighter peachy and pinky shades.

Cream Lipstick - Cream Chestnut S$14.90

"Our classic lipstick. The rich and creamy formula offers medium coverage, gliding on smoothly for full-bodied lips. With an inspiring palette of highly pigmented colours to choose from, it’s easy to match your mood and look. 3.5 g. How to use: Wear it alone, after lip primer for extra punch and staying power, or underneath a gloss to add shine."

This is one of my favourite buys! It is highly pigmented and glides on like a dream. They have a huge range of shades and you wouldn't want to miss this!

Nail Polish - Taupe Notch S$7.90

"Fashion-focused nail polish in a gorgeous array of inspiring colours and effects. Application is quick and easy – one coat of the high-gloss formula provides a rich, flawless finish. 8 ml. How to use: Apply on top of a base coat and finish with a top coat for extra protection and shine."

Another one of my top recommendations. Aside from the cute packaging, the brush is good featuring a wider applicator. Most importantly, the longevity. It lasted a week on my nails looking perfect and shiny. It dries very fast too and that's a plus for me! Definitely will be getting more of this.


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