Eyelash extensions has been really popular for quite some time now. But I have been super reluctant to try it as I am paranoid about my own lashes falling off and leaving me with sparse lashes. But I finally decided to take the plunge and just give it try! NO RAGRETS.
Here I have collated my thoughts on each salon I have visited starting off with the most recent one. Will be sharing some tips on how to take care of your extensions at the end of the post.

6D Russian Lash Extension
$240 (before 20% off)
@ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #02-K38
+65 8575 0555

This set was done by Belle, the owner of the salon. A very sweet taiwanese girl! Her prices isn't on the more affordable side but her lashes are really pretty. She runs monthly and on-going promotions all the time - giving you a 20-40% discount.

The 6D lashes typically has 4-6 strands attached to each lash to give it more volume. I do look pretty crazy without makeup on as the thickness makes my eyes look like I have eyeliner on. So far so good! This has been my favourite set of lashes so far and I will definitely return for a touch up. And maybe just stick to 3D in the future haha

She chose the Cat Eye Style for me.

My left eye featured below is slightly smaller than my right eye, so she did try to balance it out a little.

My boyfriend said that this set of lashes makes me look like Marie the Cat.

6D Lashes
$88 Promo by Pency (300 strands)
@ Orchard Plaza #04-34 S238841
+65 9816 8917

I wanted something slightly more dramatic than my first set so I opted for their 6D lashes. Although they tagged it as 6D, but I believe it is only a standard 3D. Because each lash has only 2-3 strands instead of 6. Despite it being the most uncomfortable set out of all 3, it still lasted really well throughout my Taiwan trip. The lashes feel pretty hard and some strands poked into my eyes after the glue starts to loosen. Maybe if you get the owner herself to do, it will be much better? Belle mentioned she is very close friends with the owner.

This is the only photo I took on the first day. Featuring my extra 'glowy' face after feasting on Bah Ku Teh.

The style of lashes I chose was longer at the ends.

This is about a month later. Still going strong. Much better than what I expected.

November14 Lashes Studio
Korean 3D Single Lashes (Unlimited)
$68 Promo
@ Compassvale Walk, SengKang
+65 9008 8942

The lady that did my lashes was the owner's assistant and she did such a great job. The entire process is so so comfortable and I felt ZERO discomfort. My session was 2 hours and I pretty much slept through the whole thing. Very clean and comfortable home based salon, highly recommend giving this a try if you stay around the area.

As it was my first time doing this, the lady recommended something more natural. The lashes are very light weight and I often forget that I even have extensions on.

Super blur photo taken on my phone right after the session.

First day!

2 weeks later.

Taking care of em'

1. Don't get it wet within the first 6 hours.
2. Avoid rubbing your eyes.
3. Use water based cleansing products instead of oil.
4. Lashes will fall off easier if you sleep on your side.
5. Always brush with a spoolie.

I washed my face as per normal, avoid rubbing the eye area. Then I'll use a tissue to pat dry the lashes and comb it through at least once a day to prevent it from clumping together. I skip eye makeup as a whole as there is just no need for it unless you need to glam up for some special event.

These are the type of spoolie you can use to brush it out and make it look neat again. It takes only 5 seconds to do this, so don't be lazy! If you lose them, you can always find free spoolies at Sephora counters shhhh...



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