I just can never get enough of brushes! These are the latest Morphe Rose Gold brushes. How pretty! You guys can also check out my other Morphe Brushes reviews here.

R1 Deluxe Pointed Powder $14.99 - This is a large tapered brush that is good for pressing / dusting powder. The pointed top allows you to reach smaller areas around the eyes and nose. A dupe I found is the Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer.

R11 Deluxe Oval Shadow $8.99 - This is so big! I can't imagine how this will work with applying eye shadows. The size is pretty perfect to use as an under eye setting brush. But the bristles are a tad too dense for my liking.

R12 Deluxe Highlight Fan $6.99 - A beautiful fan brush perfect for sweeping on tat glow.

R13 Pointed Contour $7.99 - A synthetic brush with just the right amount of density and fluffiness to dust away powder, setting around the face or using it to contour.

R14 Round Contour $9.99 - This has a more fluffed out top than R13 and is quite a versatile piece. You can use this for contour, blush, and also powder.

R31 Highlight Definer $5.99 - A flat tapered brush that is fluffy enough to dust on your highlight beautifully. This can also be use to powder smaller areas.

R35 Deluxe Blender $7.99 - A domed tapered blending brush that is slim and fluffs out on top. Great for blending out that crease shade. It isn't too big so perfect for those with smaller eyes.

Similar brushes - Sigma E40Morphe E27E23

R36 Pointed Highlight $7.99 - A fluffy tapered brush. I like how long and slim it is! So far one of my favourites to apply highlighter.

Similar brushes - Morphe M504 (fluffier)M510 (rounder top).

R39 Tapered Blender $5.99 - A precise flat blending brush that tapers at the top. This has just the right size for hooded and smaller eyes.

Similar brushes - Real Techniques Base Shadow BrushMorphe 433Zoeva 227Sigma E25.

R40 Deluxe Pointed Blender $5.99 - A tapered blending brush thats good for crease work. No harm having more of this type of brushes!

Similar to Zoeva 228.

R44 Angle Liner / Spoolie $3.99 - A duo-ended brush perfect for achieved that sleeky-deeky brow! The liner can be great for both powder and pomade.

Similar to Zoeva 332 (my all time favourite brow brush).


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