The Morphe 12NB palette has been said to be the mini version of the cult favourite 35O. It has a mix of 12 shimmer and mattes shades that, in  my opinion, is pretty perfect for someone who loves their neutrals and just need that one palette to create their day to day look. This retails for $14.99 on their official website and S$22.70 on BeautyBay.

NB stands for Natural Beauty, and I totally can see how this name fits with the colours going on in the palette. No crazy pops of colours. Just your very basic neutral earthy tones that never goes wrong.

I haven't been reaching for this too much but every time that I do use this, I always enjoyed how it applied and lasted. The mattes in this palette are pretty amazing. You can already tell from the swatches below on how creamy and smooth they look. Most affordable brands do shitty matte shades that are chalky and has little to no pigmentation - some may swatch fine but doesn't show up on your lids.

I owned the 35O (my review) but I let it go as I did not see myself using it very often as compared to my other palettes. I am glad that I picked the 12NB up in the end as it is a great substitute with the same warmer tones.

The shadows are pretty bomb! I was trying to find a particular shadow that I didn't like but I couldn't really say I dislike any of them as they are very consistent in quality. I have to say, the only shade that I probably won't reach for is the pale gold in the first row. And that's totally based on my personal preference when it comes to eyeshadow colours that I gravitate towards.



  1. Have you ever tried Anastasia Modern Renaissance ?
    Comparing to Anastasia, which one has better quality ?

    1. Hi dear, I have a review up on my blog for the Modern Renaissance palette. The Anastasia one definitely has better quality - very creamy and easy to blend power however it does have fall out due to the softness. But this 12NB palette is really value for money and has pretty decent quality as well!

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