I recently got the L'Oreal La Palette Nude in Beige and Rose as PR. The palette is retailing at S$29.90 each at Watsons, Guardian and departmental stores. I guess this is the Asia version of what was launched previously in the US, shades are definitely different.

The palettes are very small and compact, very travel friendly with a decent sized mirror. It also comes with a dual-ended applicator - a sponge tip and blending brush. I'm not a fan of sponge tip applicators so I probably won't be using it.

These palettes has 10 shades in 3 different finishes - Shimmery Satin, Intense Matte, Lustrous Sheen.

Nude Beige Palette

This has got to be the more popular palette of the 2 because of the earthy and neutral shades - full of browns and also a few cooler shades in the mix. This is suitable to achieve a day to day natural makeup look.

L to R
Coconut, Sun, Nude, Golden, Egyptian, Mocha, Whiskey, Bombshell, Chocolate, Mephisto

Coconut is a cream white with a satin finish.

*Sun is a shimmery warm champagne.

*Nude is a matte neutral brown.

Golden is a shimmery sliver grey.

Egyptian is a light gold with a satin finish.

Mocha is a matte cool toned brown.

*Whiskey is a matte dark brown.

*Bombshell is a shimmery antique bronze.

Chocolate is a matte dark chocolate.

Mephisto is a matte deep charcoal.

Favourite shades marked with an *.

With flash

Nude Rose Palette

This is a very romantic and sexy palette. Perfect for a cute day time date look and also a sexy purple date night look.

L to R
Dreamy, Bouquet, Baby, Dry, Ballerina, Sunset, Autumn, Banquet, Night, Violet

*Dreamy is a shimmery pearly white.

Bouquet is a shimmery light pink.

*Baby is a matte dusty pink.

*Dry is a matte warm brown with a slight hint of orange.

*Ballerina is a shimmery rose gold; similar to a duo-chrome finish.

Sunset is a shimmery chocolatey brown.

*Autumn is a matte cool toned brown.

Banquet is a shimmery cool toned brown.

Night is a matte grey.

*Violet is a shimmery purple.

Favourite shades marked with an *.

With flash



  1. The Nude Beige palette looks gorgeous though a few of the shades look very similar! Love the pigmentation!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. Yes I agree, especially the second half. Some of the browns looks almost the same when you blend them out on your lids. I definitely recommend using a primer or concealer underneath for better pigmentation on your lids xoxo

  2. These both look gorgeous! They look like they swatch well & are pigmented too, which is fantastic! I have quite a few eyeshadow palettes, but would definitely consider picking a L'Oreal palette up after this post. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. They do swatch better than when you apply on the lids, so I recommend using a primer or concealer underneath to get the lighter shades to show up more xoxo

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