Kathleenlights mentioned this Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick in Radiant as a monthly favourite and I manage to get a hold of it on Carousell. You can get this on Ulta for US$7. This is such a beautiful product and so worth the price. All the shades are extremely pigmented and shimmery, but not glittery at all.

This contains 0.24 oz worth of product.

With Flash

You can see how pigmented these are! I especially love them as eyeshadows. These goes on very smooth and have a decent lasting power on the lids.

Here I have mixed the top 2 strips together - perfect highlighter! I prefer to use the last 3 strips separately on my eyes. But if you do have a darker skin tone, you can swirl them together for a beautiful bronzer topper.

Here I used the Vivid Shimmer Brick on my eyes and as my highlight. They are so pigmented and pretty on the lids. I especially love the last bronze shade. I mixed the top 2 strips for the highlight on my cheek bones and they have a pale gold finish - compliments the overall look very well.

I do own the original Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz so I did a comparison swatch when you swirl all together.

As you can tell, the Bobbi Brown one is less intense and creamy. It also doesn't pick up as much product with a single swipe. However, as a whole it is still a nice pinky highlight or blush topper. I do actually prefer the cheaper Makeup Revolution option as it is so easy to work with and so pigmented with such an affordable price tag! Nothing beats that.



  1. Great option! I can't afford the Bobbi Brown brick just yet so I'll look into this. Thanks for the post, and I always love your swatches!

    1. Thanks for the comment Julian :) I hope you will enjoy this shimmer brick as much as I do xoxo

  2. Thanks a lot for the review! I also saw it when Kathleen showed it and I think I will get it too. I am reaaaly pale, like you I guess so if it suits your skin color, should suits mine as well. For example - I have Maybelline's fit me foundation in 110 and it is slightly too light for me :D I saw that is the right color match for u, so yeah anyway, thanks :)


    1. Hi Toni, I am really fair too! And I use 110 in the Fit Me range as well. I have tried the next shade 112 and it is way too pink for me - looks dirty on me. 110 fits me super well (pun intended haha). This is such a versatile item and really worth it in my opinion! xoxo

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