This is the eyeliner that I've been wearing non stop since I got it. It is the new K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Bulgarian Rose Eyeliner 24H Waterproof. This is retailing for S$20.90 in stores, I believe you can find this at Watsons and Sasa. If you order from BeautyCarousel, it is only S$19.53. This is available in 3 shades - Super Black, Deep Brown, Brown Black.

*Item was sent to me as PR package by BeautyCarousel as linked, but opinions are all my own.*
This blogpost is not sponsored. I just decided to write about this liner as I love it so much.

According to the website, this is a limited edition formula that is infused with Bulgarian Rose Water.

"Bulgarian Rose Water is often used in hydrating products due to its moisturising properties and its ability to control our skin's sebum production. According to many eyeliner users, oily lids are a common cause of their runny or smudgy eye make-up. To counter that, K-Palette has decided to infuse this premium ingredient into its formula to keep our eyelids well-moisturised and hence reduce the tendency for them to turn oily."

Here's a quick preview of how it looks like on me.

Can we just talk about the packaging for a moment? How pretty is this!

The liner has an extremely fine brush tip and gives a very smooth and precise application. I have been only loving felt tip liquid liners so far like the Wet n Wild Megalast Liner and Stila Stay All Day. But the Bulgarian Rose one is just as amazing! I always thought brush tips will not give an even application for some weird reason and I'm glad that I got sent this. I probably will repurchase after I run out.

It is very black and pigmented! I tried scrubbing my arm really hard after taking this photo and the swatch just WILL NOT BUDGE. It is super long lasting and definitely waterproof. I wore this for probably more than 10 hours out in the humid Singapore weather and it still looked the same when I got home. Even on extremely hot days where my bottom mascara smudged, this liner still stayed in-tact.



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