The April Skin Magic Snow Cushion has been hyping up the internet a while back. This cushion is well known for it's super high coverage and affordable price tag! I have linked the website I got it from, which is shipped directly from Korea. This cushion is said to have whitening and anti-aging properties with a long wear time.

Like all cushion foundations, this comes with SPF 50, which is awesome! I will not recommend wearing this at night as you will get that white cast with flash photography. I got this in the lightest Shade 21. And this is definitely wayyyyy too light for me. I look like a ghost after application. You will see.

To prevent the moisture from evaporating, there is a double layer of cushion that overlaps to hold the liquid.

This is a demo I did a while back and you can tell the insane coverage even under direct sunlight.

My current situation on the face. Healing from a horrible break out.

This is just a single layer of application. The coverage is crazy! I did not even use concealer on my zits or under my eyes. This is all the cushion! But clearly, this is not the right shade for me. They only carry 3 shades and the next shade is very pink toned. I guess the first downside I experience is the limited shade range.

Here's all my makeup done.

Primer - Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Primer
Powder - RCMA No Color Powder
Brows - Kate Designing Eyebrow EX-4, Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil 04
Eyeshadow - Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick Radiant
Mascara - Essence Lash Princess
Bronzer - Sephora Sol De Rio
Blush - Wet n Wild Rosé Champagne
Highlight - Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick Radiant
Lips - Girlactik Bashful

Taken with flash.

Up close you can still see my spots as I only used a single layer without any concealer. I would say this is pretty bomb ass!

I would give a 3/5 for the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion. Coverage is perfect with just a single layer application. Shade range is extremely limited and will only suit fairer skin tones. This gives a satin finish which looks very flawless and nice from a distance, however pores are still quite visible up close. I would suggest applying a pore minimizing primer underneath. You can also tell that you have foundation on your face - it looks very makeup-y.

The foundation does takes a while to set and will feel tacky. If you touch your face, product will stain your fingers - at least that's what happened to me despite setting my face with powder. Just be mindful of that and you'll be good to go. This cushion however is not the long lasting type. I would say it will last a good 4-5 hours of wear, and then it will start to split on your face due to the oils and sweat. I think this will suit pretty much all skin types as long as you're not extremely dry or oily. They do have a white version, that is meant for drier skin types.


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