The packaging is very similar to the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette.

Opens up like a book. This palette contains 15 eye shadows in very generous sizes.

Close up shots under sunlight and with flash

Row 1 has two matte shades - creamy bone colour and dusty purple. Three shimmers - light pink, gold and taupey pink.

Row 2 has four shimmers - a champagne highlight shade, dusty pink, brownish taupe and greyish taupe. Only one dark brown matte shade.

Row 3 has two matte shades - light cool tone brown and black. Three shimmers - bronze, maroon and a darker bronze shade.

To be honest, I really did not like this palette as much as I imagined. It swatches super well and the shadows are all very soft. But it doesn't blend out like their Cocoa Blend palette, which is my all time favourite Zoeva palette - it is the only palette I grab when travelling! I tired to do a maroon smokey makeup look for this blog post but it turned out sooo muddy and the shadows are really hard to work with - especially the darker ones. If you only want a simple day time look, this will work fine but you do not need all the colours. Furthermore, they have so many of the same kind of shades. It gets a bit repetitive. I would say, skip this and spend your money else where as I'm sure you already have similar shades in your collection.

This is a simple look I did with the palette. I didn't do a good job so I was contemplating if I want to post it but I just want to show that this palette can achieve a simple smokey eye.

With flash



  1. This turned out so pretty: I do like the shades although they seem to be a bit repetitive. Good to do a gradient smokey eye with this variety of tonal colors :) great pics by the way! Thank you

    1. Thanks Sunnivah! This palette is pretty but I definitely agree that it's a little repetitive and I already own so many similar shades in my collection. This will be perfect for a beginner though :) xoxo

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