Following my review on the Elite Collection, I have round up the popular Flawless and Master Pro collections brushes that I picked up. These two lines are very similar in terms of quality and price. They are more affordable than the Elites and I really recommend looking into these brushes if you are on a budget.

M500 Deluxe Pointed Blender $8.99 - This is a sable bristle large fluffy tapered brush that I use to dust away my baking powder or lightly set my face. Accordingly to Kathleenlights, this is an affordable dupe for the Mac 137 Brush.

M501 Pro Pointed Blender $7.99 - This is a fluffy tapered brush, smaller version of the M500 and I use this to highlight my face.

M504 Large Pointed Blender $6.99 - This is a tad smaller than the M504, but is too fluffy for my eyes so I have yet to find a good use for this brush. I guess someone with very deep set crease will really enjoy this brush to blend out any crease or transition shades.

M509 Deluxe Pointed Blender $9.99 - A goat hair fluffy tapered brush that I actually enjoy using as a blush brush. Especially for the more pigmented blushes, the fluffiness of this brush picks up lesser product and applies the blush beautifully.

M510 Pro Round Blender $7.99 - This is another fluffy brush with a rounded top that is made popular as a highlighter brush. Aside from M501 and my Zoeva Fan Brush, I also grab this a lot for my highlights.

M511 Large Round Blender $5.99 - This is very similar to M504 and can be a tad too big for my eyes.

M523 Tapered Powder $14.99 - This is a denser paddle type brush that is good for chiseling out the cheekbones and using as a contour and bronzing brush. But because this is denser than what I prefer, sometimes it can move my foundation beneath, so I rarely reach for this. For a similar option that is less dense, I would recommend the Zoeva 126 Luxe Cheek Finish.

M527 Deluxe Pointed Powder $15.99 - This is a huge fluffy paddle brush that I enjoy using as a bronzer brush. It gives a flawless and even application all around. This is hyped up as a dupe for the Mac 135.

M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff $5.99 - This is a typical fluffy blending brush that has the same kind of shape as the Mac 217. Another dupe I found is the Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer which is one of my favourite blending brushes.

M439 Deluxe Buffer $13.99 - A round top dense buffing brush. The bristles are extremely soft and blends out the foundation very nicely. This brush is totally worth the hype!

MB13 Deluxe Blending Fluff $4.99 - The MB Black line is very very affordable and the quality is amazing. The bristles are synthetic and not scratchy on the eyes at all. This MB13 is one of my favourite blending brushes. The tip does not fluff out like the M433, instead this tapers to a point and I can use this to create a more defined and higher crease since I have none.

Here's an example of a look I created with the MB13 for the crease and blending work.

The top line I would recommend from Morphe is still their Elite Collection as it is really amazing and has high end quality. But I still really enjoy the rest of their lines as they have yet to disappoint. I suggest watching a few videos or doing some research before purchasing as it can be quite overwhelming on their site - so many brushes with similar names and it can be hard to visualize the size as well.


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