20 Mar '16 - Updated with Dose of Colors Bare With Me.

FINALLLYYYYY. These are so hard to grab hold of, constantly out of stock. I got the Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick in Stone and Truffle.


With flash

A peachy nude. It looks super flattering on my skin tone and despite the hype with Stone and Truffle, I think this has got to be my favourite shade.

With flash

Sneak peak of the lippies in Stone and Truffle.


Here's a comparison of Stone vs Truffle

Formula : ★★★★★
Lasting Power : ★★★★☆

This has a thicker mousse-like consistency and dries to a complete matte finish. It feels so comfortable on the lips and not drying at all. I guess 'weightless' will be a great word to describe how it feels on my lips. This formula is on-par with the Ofra ones. However the lasting power of these are slightly better. I had a full meal with this on and it only faded lightly on the inner bottom lip - more like a gradient effect.

Highly recommend these. Hard to get hold of in Singapore but there are a few sellers on Carousell - Instock for $35 and PO for $26+ cheapest.

Loads, and I really mean LOADS of lip swatches coming up next. All these were taken under natural lighting and with flash.

A mauve pink - not too striking or dark like the rest of this type of shades I own e.g. Sephora 13 Marvelous Mauve.

A peachy brown nude - pairs well with pretty much any makeup look.



  1. So many pictures but difficult to know the color :/

    1. The colours are pretty true to the photos, you can also refer to the arm swatches.