I made an order on Luxola last month and got 3 more ZOEVA brushes. I had previously done two separate reviews on their brush set - Rose Golden Vol. 2 Luxury Brush Set and Classic Face Set (click on link to check them out). I loveeeee these 3 brushes and absolutely recommend them! I can't put them down and have been using these 3 on a daily basis when I'm doing my makeup.

Made with Natural Goat Hair, this luxurious tapered powder brush is shaped to apply loose and pressed powder. It delivers a soft and even application, fixes the makeup and is the perfect tool for contouring. Before application, flick the brush with your thumb and index finger to remove excess powder.

I have yet to try this with contouring but I love this for a light dust of powder to set my make up. This is a lot larger than what I am used to set my makeup - Sigma F35, but it works really well and I have been switching between these two brushes when the other is dirty. This is extremely soft, and does not scratch my face.

Here's a comparison with Sigma F35, another setting brush that I reach for everyday.

The 101 is quite a large brush, here's the size of it as compared to my face.

Made with Natural-Synthetic Hair Mix, this is a professional multi-functional eye shadow brush. Ideal for applying eye shadow onto the entire eyelid, accentuating the crease of the eye, highlighting the brow arch and shading the edges around the lashes.

I have finally found the perfect paddle type brush that is large and fat enough to pat a base shadow all over my lids. I do this everyday, but being my lazy self, I really find taking a normal-sized shadow brush and patting all over the lid is too troublesome and sometimes causing the primer I applied underneath to ball up . I like to set my primer with skin tone coloured shadow prior to applying any colours as I do not like blending colours directly on top of the creamy primers. As mentioned, some can ball up and destroy the whole look.

As you can tell, this is a huge brush as compared to my lids.

Made with Natural Goat Hair, this is a super soft eye shadow brush which smoothes and defines your eye colour. The perfect tool for creating smooth transitions between eye shadows and creating soft, seductive and feminine looks. Ideal choice for blending eye shadow in the crease of the eye.

Goat hair brushes can sometimes be rough and can scratch your eyes but this brush is super duper soft and I have no issues with that. The 227 has often been compared to the cult favourite MAC 217 blending brush. I do not own any MAC brushes as they are really out of my budget. Maybe, just maybe I will consider picking the 217 up since it is so highly raved.

Prior to owning this brush, I having been switching between the Sigma E40 and E25 for blending. This 227 is more similar to E25 - having the same flat fluffy design, whereas the E40 is more of a rounded top fluffy brush. I still do switch between these 3 brushes if the other two are dirty but so far my favourite has got to be this ZOEVA 227. I did not have high expectations for this brush so I'm pleasantly surprised at how well this blended out my transition shade.

Just go to either Beautybay.com or Luxola.com to check out these brushes. You will not be disappointed. Out of these 3, I highly highly recommend the 227 for eye shadow blending. It is all about blending when doing a kick-ass eye look!

Have you guys tried any ZOEVA brushes before? What do you like and not like? Feel free to share them in the comments below ♥


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