Back with another palette for review - Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. 10 eyeshadows inspired by chocolates. It came in a little sleeve like this, very similar to how a box of chocolate would have been packaged. I love how compact the palette is. With a price tag of S$32, I really do recommend this palette as it is value for money and travel friendly. I am also looking at getting their Rose Gold Palette as well. The colours are amazing!

Under normal lighting
With flash

Bitter Start - Matte beige shade suitable for a base and highlight on the brow bone. This isn't as pigmented but is just how I like this kind of shadows.

Sweeter End - Taupe grey shade with a hint of pink and a satin finish. This is a great all-over-the-lid colour on lazy days. This shade is rather sheer and not as pigmented compared to the rest.

Warm Notes - Gorgeous pomegranate shimmery shade. This is one of the shades that I looked forward to playing with the most! Perfect to pair with a warm brown crease shade.

Subtle Blend - Warm bronze shade. This is a very wearable day to day look on the lid. I like to mix this with Freshly Toasted on the outer-v of the eye to deepen the look. As well as on the lower lash line.

Beans are White - Matte dark brown. This is just a standard dark matte brown that can be used as a liner or to smoke out the look. It is less chalky than I imagined as more affordable palettes usually have poorer quality matte shadows. I'm impressed!

Pure Ganache - Beautiful shimmery gold! This is another favourite from the palette. I like using this in the inner half of the lids.

Substitute for Love - Warm matte brown shade. Reminds me of a milk chocolate colour. Great to use as transition and crease shade.

Freshly Toasted - Warm darker matte brown - looks exactly like cocoa powder and reminds me so much of MUG's Cocoa Bear.

Infusion - This is a glittery dark shade with a mix of green and gold glitters. Sadly, this is the only shade that I do not see myself reaching for. It is very sheer and patchy. I had to swatch it quite a few times to build up the intensity. Do not like this shade at all and the glitters looks weird...

Delicate Acidity - Shimmery cool tone purple shade. This is a very pretty purple. I can see myself playing around with this shade and maybe using it with Warm Notes to create a purple-red-pinkish look.

Here's a collective swatch of how the shades looks in the pan and when swatched

Here's a look I did with this palette when I first got it! Very simple golden bronze shadow.

I had Bitter Start all over the lid and Pure Ganache on the inner half of the lid. For transition and crease, I used Substitute for Love. The outer half, I mixed Freshly Toasted and Subtle Blend to darken the outer-v. Lastly, I lined my eyes slightly with Beans are White to create a wing liner.

I have Colourpop's Solow on my lips.

In case you are curious, the highlight I have on my cheeks is MAC Soft and Gentle and Ofra's You Glow Girl.

Close up of the eye makeup



  1. Wah I like this golden look. ~ Tess

  2. Thank you for the amazing review! You have the best swatches I've ever see on social media.

    1. Wow, thank you for the lovely compliment Lisa :) and you're welcome! I'm glad that you enjoyed my swatches and review xoxo

  3. Hello,
    I just found your blog and I love it!

    I would like to know what's your favorite eyeshadows between Zoeva and MUG. Can you explain why with the cons and pros please?
    I'm about to buy MUG eyeshadows but I don't know if I should buy a Zoeva eyeshadow palette as well...

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Both brands does amazing shadows! I will recommend getting MUG singles as you can customize your own palette (my current everyday palette have a mix of MUG and Colourpop). I would highly recommend you checking out this Cocoa Blend if you are considering to get their palettes in the future.

      In comparison, I feel that the MUG matte shadows are much creamier and pigmented (blends out like a dream) than Zoeva's. They last better on the lids as well, even without a primer. Most of the time, I only use concealer as a base.