The Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks are the most comfortable liquid lipsticks that I have tried so far. The Sephora cream lip stain and The Balm Meet Matte Hughes are very similar moussey formula. I have done a collective lip swatch of various liquid lipsticks including those mentioned above. Go take a look at them here.

MIAMI FEVER! Need I say more about this colour?! This is so unique and gorgeous. It looks different on everyone, and it is so hard to capture how it looks like in real life. It looks kinda orange in my photos, but it is ever so slightly more brown in real life. Unfortunately, this is limited edition and will not be around forever. Go get it now, you can either get this on Carousell or the website direct using the discount code - KATHLEEN40.

By the way, Kathleen just released another shade! It's a super super dark colour. I just ordered it, have no idea why, because high chance I will not wear it but I was thinking of mixing it with my super light colour lipsticks. Hehe just felt like supporting her anyway. Go check this out. You can see it in action in her video.

With flash


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