Going on a highlight frenzy!! Need to stop buying so many highlighters. Who the hell goes through even one highlighter...... I have some serious issues.

Anyhuu let's get on with the review and swatches, I got this on Carousell once again as Singapore do not carry Ofra products. This is sold on Carousell for around S$33-35. Not very cheap as compared to the ever so popular The Balm - Mary Lou Manizer. Ofra recently launched two new highlights in collaboration with DupeThat - You Glow Girl & You Dew You. WHAT CUTE NAMES!! I decided to get the You Glow Girl as this shade kinda suits lighter skin tones. You Dew You looks really very GOLD in swatches and quite similar to Colourpop's Wisp, which is way too dark for me as a highlight.

Here's a comparison swatch with the MAC Soft & Gentle that I just got as well. They look similar on the cheekbones but You Glow Girl is much more out-there than Soft & Gentle. If you want something that is less prominent and more natural, go for Soft & Gentle. But if you want your cheek bones to pop and shine like a disco ball - in a good way of course. Then get You Glow Girl! I love them both anyway hehe


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