17 Jun '16  - Updated and replaced all lip swatches as I got a new ring light. As you can see only Mars and Clueless are not updated as I have already passed those two shades on.

23 Jan '16 - Updated with Clueless.

8 Oct '15 - My poor lips. After swatching only 6-7 liquid lipsticks, I already can't seem to feel them. No idea how some of the YouTubers can do 20 over colours.

A neutral everyday pink

Bright coral peach

p.s. this color gets patchy quite easily

Super bright and neon pinkish coal

Brown-red (terracotta)

Bright fuchsia!

Bright orange-y red. NEON RED!

The perfect red with a blue undertone.

A dusty grey mauve

In summary, my personal favorite shades are - Solow, Bumble and Creeper. Do note that these are extremely DRY! Not my favourite formula but for it's price and staying power, it's worth the $$. My favourite formula so far is the Gerard Cosmetics ones - matte and creamy that does not dry out my lips. I do enjoy the LA Girl ones too - Bazaar is a more wearable version of Bumble IMO. I just ordered the Girlactik - Starlet, LA Girl - Dreamy, Ofra - Bel Air. Will do an update on those :)

T to B
LA Girl Bazaar, Colourpop Bumble, TheBalm Charming



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