Love-hate relationship with this bad boy over here.

I got this a few years ago with hopes to remove the sebum (bumpy skin) built-up under my skin; probably from the overly-rich and creamy  skin care products I had been using for my oily skin. Was having crazy break outs and not one day I had totally clear skin.

FYI, I had normal/combination skin. Now I am more combination - A TINY BIT of dry patches and a slightly oily t-zone. Nothing too drastic compared to the oiliness in my teens. But was closer to oily during that period. I got the Mia 2 with the sensitive head. I paired it with the Purity cleanser by Philosophy. Great stuff by the way.

Well. It did broke me out when I first used it but I had clear skin after that. Love that it helps to remove ALL my make up and skincare can be better adsorbed afterwards. However I started to use it less and less 'cause it's always running out of battery and I had to charge it SOOOO often. Plus the sensitive head is also getting abit too harsh for me. But the thing that made me not want to use it the most was the fact that the brush was made of nylon and it requires replacement every 3months. Not only it is an ongoing quarterly expense of 30++ but germs and bacteria tends to start 'migrating' into the brush. EWWWWW. Maybe I am paranoid but I just don't like the idea of that.


I really hope to find something that can be gentle for more frequent uses but still does the job of cleansing and removing makeup. And not need to replace brush heads. Money hard to earn. I don't feel that the expenses justify the effects of this product. That is $120-160 a year just for brush heads after spending $200++ for the device itself. No no no....


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