Been shopping too much. But who cares. Shopping makes me happy.

DADDY IS HOME. Before fetching him, I had a fitting for an upcoming job. Finally back to work. I need to buck up and earn some money to cover my spendings for cny clothes. I have nothing interesting or deep to share so this post is gonna be like scrolling through Instagram. 

Here's me snapping away on the train.

After fitting. I had a camwhore session with mr teddy. I want to bring him home....

Ok. Enough of my act chio face. Had a nice catch up session with cynthia at coffee bean, talking about life and gossips and boys, while sipping on our favourite hot chocolate OF COURSE with a cheesecake.

OOTD, taken by my mami.

Nicely plated but not so yummy fish soup.

While waiting for my dad's delayed flight. Mum took a short nap beside me while I watched some KANG XI LAI LE. Hahaha miss that show.

Our supper.. But I only had fries. And now I'm hungry. I want some MCDS!!!!!!!

Yay! This makes me smell like barbie doll. According to some lady. How chio is this packaging.

Woes of shopping online. Look what shitty color we received. CREAM velvet cover turned into this dirt gold HAHAHAHA what a joke. Guess this is a 旺旺旺 color for CNY.

Side note: I sold my Chanel wallet. Been getting very little use out of it. Totally just sitting at home and rotting away. Might as well switch it for something more usable. Lambskin is really not for me. Here's my old wallet. I miss it. I still love it. But we're just not suitable. It's not you, its me....

Ok. A moment of silence here.

Not funny, xueqi. Not funny at all. Here you go. That's my failed attempt at trying to be funny.

What I got. I only top-up about 20 bucks to get this.

Gonna get so much use out of this wallet. Timeless piece. I can use this until I'm old and it still won't be out of fashion. This is why I love Chanel. Hunt this down in SHW. So pretty. It actually looks alot better than the gold one. YAY to new wallet for the new year.

Mr Bean pancake new flavour - STRAWBERRY CREAM CHEESE hehehehehehehehehe

My dad bakes. COOL OR WHAT. So cute my dad made me my favourite cheesecake. It's abit spongey but taste good!! Next time we'll try making a dense and creamy one.

 Wore my new skorts out today for a trip to IKEA. They don't even have super single bed sheets.....

Hai. I miss the central. I miss anchorpoint. I miss queenstown. I belong there. Not the west, though I love Jurong now cause of Westgate, JEM and Jcube. Anw, this is what I had for dinner. So yumz and cheap.

While walking home hahaha my mum love taking photos at random moments. Meet my handsome dad.


BEST BAN MIAN EVERRRRR. This is the famous one at Geylang; near Paya Lebar MRT.
L32 Handmade Noodles.

I think I need to eat this everyweek.


Food! Sushi! Our recent favourite sushi place hehehe

 Went to G's restaurant hehehe THE FOOD IS GOOD DE LOR.


Gonna pause here and go sleep. Continue editing tmr morning ya. Haha

Hi I'm back. Editing on a Sunday afternoon. Family day is going well and my parents are taking a nap now hahaha oh and my dad made bread. I can't wait to try our banana chocolate version next time.

Just updated my IG with this cutie pie. I really love this crazy cat of mine. She hates me but I'm glad to have her in my life.

 Another school day and town-ing with tessy. Growing Pandora collection. I need to stop with this craziness.

Poor wallets been through so much torture the past week, so we decided to have something cheaper for dinner. If you like thai food, please go try this at 313 Somerset hehehe yummmm. The one at Marina Square is hao hao chi too.

Burning tomyam soup but we like to torture ourselves with hot and spicy stuff.

My best candid shot photographer. Capturing the essence of the moment - my chio-ness. HEHE just kidding.

Beggar outfit of the day. So hip. And tess is naked behind this mirror wahahaha

We went hunting for some late night snacks at cold storage before closing and found this amazing little pack of yogurt suckies. Eh, don't judge. It's very yummy and satisfying. I was abit upset when I finished it. Banana is nicer. Banana is ALWAYS nicer. If only they had a fusion of these two. It will be like BOOST's Strawberry Squeeze. WAH CRAVING. Oh ya, should I have mcds for dinner heheheheheehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Shopping day at CP with ma ladies. Some camwhoring before I leave home. BB cream is really my life savior when I am having bad skin moments like these few weeks / months.

In love with this babydoll dress keke make my legs look extra long cause it's so short and people will think I have no shorts underneath so I receive alot of judging stares from aunties and uncles. 你們不知道的啦....

Nobody loves and appreciates my socks. I wanna fly back to China and buy more of these cheap cute ass socks.

Yakult, you wanna sponsor me some drinks?

BWAHAHAHA my ootd taken by the ever talented 櫻桃小姐~ be hold the disney princess.

Well, we all had a good laugh at these two shots. So deep and artsy bwahaha

My bb

FOR DINNER AGAIN. Can't get enough of this chicken!

Hi butt. Why you so shy?

這個好吃!! Braised oxtail with mash.

TCC for some 甜蜜蜜

Frogfaces for your viewing pleasure. 

Some zesty thingy


One of my favourite buys of the day is from Loop On - white x gold tweed shift dress. But abit too short on me. *Disclaimer: I packed my room already. It's very neat and ready for CNY now.

Went to west mall with my mum to buy a new bedsheet. Here's our mother-daughter ootd. We so cool.

WAN CAN is pontian.

Loots from some jap store. How cute is this.

I bought floral linings to put in my drawers haha but abit fail cause all covered up in the end

Round 3? of shopping with fangz and reiko and then Mookata with audree and hyde.
 Here's my super demure looking outfit hahaha

Mookata is growing on me.. But I still prefer Korean BBQ.


Someone is unhappy cause I keep taking photos of her. WHOOPS.


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