Wow. This is a long hiatus. I've been ballin' around and doing nothing much but why do I feel so 'gan jiong' all the time. Ok. Where do I begin..

I shall skip the boring 'what have I been doing' part, cause it can be summarized in one short sentence. Gatherings, movies, food, dramas, mum, lizzie, my bitches, food again and more food and lots of quality time with my bed and pillows. Everything is pretty much on my Instagram @xueqiiii.

Main focus of my life right now is my SKIN. I will write about my treatment journey and all that in another post, so anyone experiencing the similar issues can just head over there. I will be constantly updating the results and feedbacks of my treatment. Mainly is to share the experience and information I learned. Now that I've been through this. I can imagine how hard it is to deal with serve acne/skin issues.

Dramas? I decided to give korean drama another chance to wow me and make me crush on the boys. No surprise here. I chose The Heirs. The plot is really nothing interesting or new. Reminds me of Boys Over Flowers. Rich guy, poor girl. Fall in love. Obstacles. Obstacles. Cry. Obstacles. Cry more. Kiss. Obstacles. Cry again. Obstacles. Fight obstacles. Be together. Kiss. Hahahaha but I have to say. I have a huge crush on Lee Min Ho after watching it. So lame right. But aside from the good looks, this show really have some good acting going on. Thumbs up for not being a pretty vase haha. Park Shin Hye's acting is really natural and all the little things that touches my heart are so subtle, yet it's as if I can feel her pain and desperation.


I did this only cause I saw someone doing it on Instagram and I was bored so I wanted to see how it will look like :/
can don't judge me?
fucking embarrassing

How I Met Your Mother. How to not love this show. Some say it's draggy but I love it. It's draggy yes, but there are funny stories and lame jokes in every episode to make up for it. It's officially coming to an end in a few more episodes. *cries*

Something I posted on my twitter a few days back. Feeling sian all of a sudden and decided to rant. Twitter is a great place for ranting. Nobody really cares / read my tweets but yet I get to virtually scream and curse people/things. I love it.

“人怎麼總是這麼自私? 我累了, 有時真的很厭煩這一切.. 很多永遠也解不開、自己明明也知道沒有答案的'為什麼'.. 雖說是已經不痛也不去懷念了, 可是有時候真的恨不得把記憶全擦掉! 就因為我沒這麼狠心, 現在心只是暫時死了而已 該讓它休息了..

幸福沒那麼簡單 總會找到對的人 這是對大家 但更是對自己的提醒.. 每個人都在尋找屬於自己的幸福 可是大多數人不知道的是幸福一直以來都是自己的選擇.. 在發生難過/生氣的事時, 你大可以選擇繼續沈浸在自我可憐裡.. 我試過很多療傷方法, 可是最快但也最痛最難的就是選擇'幸福'.. 說的容易 可是真正能完全做到的 又有幾個呢? 勸人不如勸己.. 我做到了嗎? 說真的, 我不知道.. 我以為我釋懷了, 找到了幸福的理由, 可是總會有那麼一瞬間 我連自己在幹嘛都不知道

唉 說到來 這些那些.... 我自己清楚的很.. 只是有時會對自己和某些其他的事失去原有的信心..”

怎樣才是真正的'好了'? 等我能為對方真心開心、放下所有的恨於怨.. 不再去突然想到過去的回憶嗎? 我這不是說我想念他, 而單純的只是想念那種開心.舒服.幸福的感覺 那種我以為是我尋找的'簡單幸福'.. 我想第一次永遠是最難放下的吧.. 在過去的幾個月裡, 我有對愛情、對男人徹底失去信心的時候.. 但也有對未來充滿希望和衝勁的時候! 妳失去的並不代表妳不配擁有.. 往往這只是代表妳值得擁有更棒更好的.. 奇怪的是, 我有時真心不想去碰愛情.. 並不是害怕或是沒信心 不過就是厭煩這些人嘴裡所謂的'愛情' 很虛偽.. 完全沒有讓我對戀愛充滿期望, 反而會讓我對這些人的想法作嘔! 話說回來 我常常在想, 那些把自己的幸福建立在別人的痛苦上的自私鬼, 為甚麼配擁有幸福和快樂.. 我知道這種想法其實很無聊很幼稚 可是有時候想一想, 很多人付出真心 可換回來的卻是一次又一次的心痛和背叛.. 不過世界永遠不是公平的 人也永遠是自私的.. 有些人雖然自私, 狠狠的傷了曾經相愛的人, 可是這是他們追求和爭取幸福的方法.. 是卑鄙是可惡是很想狠狠的揍他們一頓! 但如果他們自己過得去, 也開心幸福, 那我們何必去責備他們爭取幸福的錯誤方法.. 錯也錯了 又不可能從新來過.. 說真的, 就算給我一次從新來過的機會 讓這一切從來都沒發生過, 我寧願不要.. 千萬記得除非是妳自己想要, 不然不要為了挽留一段感情而逼自己改變.. 如果他真心愛妳在乎妳, 他會愛妳的一切.. 不要說‘妳變了..’這種屁話.. 會說這種話的人只是因為妳不再過著他想要妳過的生活.. 妳自己的路自己人生, 是在妳手裡, 而不是一個自私的過客手裡.. 當然沒有任何一段感情是浪費時間的.. 6個月也好、5年也好.. 這些都是人生的寶貴經驗.. 至少讓妳看清了妳要的、和不要的..


Pictures time!!!! I just randomly picked MANY nice photos from my iPhone. Have fun viewing. There's about 185 of them. *Please forgive me if there's any weird spelling or grammar mistakes, this is a really really long post and I'm half dead now typing this at 4:30am*

Let's start with TODAY (16th JAN 2014), I actually finish this blogpost yesterday but only arranging all these photos now. So, sit back relax and enjoy my chio face.

Met cherry today at Jurong to huan le again! Hehe so happening in the west now. Jcube, JEM, Westgate! How to not love this place. We had Poulét for brunch. Finally. It's so good. No need much introduction la. I bet everyone has already eaten there. We are the lame folks. Abit slow lor, sorry.

First, a selfie hehe

My bb chio hor hehehe her very good buy from Topshop! THOSE HEELS.

Here is me looking abit lian and short cause cherry is quite tall today haha and check out my new boots from bugis! Wa wanna get maroon and brown too hehehe just kidding. Same same boots with cherry! She really has very good taste kekeke

Smart choice taking our ootd first before eating..
COME COME. Look at my super beautiful and nicely taken photos of the food with my iPhone camera. SO CLEAR HOR! LAV IT.

Anything with butter is garlic is just HEAVEN.


THIS IS SO SO SOOOO GOOD. Not dry and no fats beneath the skin. The skin is so thin and meat is tender. Sauce is amaz-ballz too. Half chicken perfect for 2 to share!

Ok. I got scolded cause this tiramisu is freaking big lor hahaha why so big?! Please come out with smaller personal portion for lonely people. But it's very nice. Yum yum.

HOHOHO new concealer recommended by bb again! It's about $23 after my member discount. Not bad. It has 2 ends. One stick concealer and one liquid. So good to carry around for touch ups. Gonna try this tmr hehe

Ok, then we went crazy shopping at sales sections and trying on clothes. I bought $11.90 cut in top. SO WORTH IT. And finally finally finally found boots on sale at H&M!! $30! Omg and we both grabbed the last 2 pairs in our size hehehehehehe! 

Our dinner! So yummy again. It's both our first time visiting Pique Nique for all day breakfast and Poulet too! Hehehe virgin trips accomplished tgt with b.

Then we went up to Miyoc, tried on a white crochet dress but I shall give city plaza and bugis another chance since I'm going back hehe and here's some camwhore pics against the mirror. Omg I'm such a bimbo.

H&M paper bag for CNY is quite nice.

Watching ice hockey practice and got reminded of the jap drama.. awwwww!

Cherry touching up in the toilet and me.. yea.. doing it again.

Got home and this cat.. hahahaha why is it not surprising. 

And then I did this.. wahaha

End of today and its TGIF time!! Meeting tess for ban mian at paya lebar tmr and then shopping tgt with tess and cherry at city plaza (: can't wait!

The other day at westgate with mummy. Chilling at mcds and trying their hot chocolate and berry cheesecake.

Last week, running errands around sg with this girl!

Matching outfits with mr panda.

An old favourite. I just started using perfume again hehe cause body mist has really bad lasting power.

Freebies! The planner is so cute.

Please work some miracle.

 Random mask faces hahahaha

 Black and white craze. Really love this effect on iPhone cam - Nior.


NYE - 2014. Countdown on my sofa with mummy.. Simple pleasures and happiness in life.

Hoping to have good and radiant skin!!!

Get a tattoo. Thinking and most probably doing it at the side of my rib cage but I heard it's fucking pain. So yea. I'm scared.


 YAJUN! This girl came back for the festive seasons. Met up and we just both stoned pretty much 50% of the time hahaha omg cannot ley. I think next time we really should just not bother going to town and just chill by the pool side. So we can space out all we want and not look like idiots.

Looking cui here without contacts and bad hair day -.- meh. While she is forever gorgeous.

Oh. Before I forget. Check out my fat fat face for my passport photo. SO NOT FLATTERING LOR. This was taken during my fat days in the holiday. *Reminder to self* please go collect passport, girl. If not people throw away and you waste time and money.

TESS! Back from Europe trip. We had a short catch up in town, sitting at nihon mura, chatting and drinking tea hehe wore my slack jeans out that day. Love it.

New clutch from city plaza hehe brought this out for our APR x'mas gathering.

X'mas eve was with cherry bb! I didn't have plans so I just had a nice dinner with her in town. Totally should have shared this! Too much for one. Now we know..... to eat smart.

X'mas! Was with fang and reiko and hyde! Walk walk around town then went to mookata hehe

 Date with jojo, a long time no see tai tai to be - pardon the messy room, I TIDY ALREADY!

Our very ordinary but not very cheap brunch.

Cherry 21st!!!!!!!!

After dinner we all went Mink. Then it was just some drinks and music and sitting down and we ended up at cherry's place. I stayed over again haha! Then next day we had brunch before she went to meet G, at FOURTY HANDS. 好好吃!!! Want to go back soon!

Been into brunches recently so decided on this place since its so popzzz. Wore my black slit sleeves romper. So nice!!! Love it. I have it in cream too. Oops. *Confession* I like to buy outfits in many different colors, especially black and white / cream.

Need to clean my mirror.

I got hot chocolate. So pretty.

WA. This is really yummy. I'm not a waffles or pancake person. And I loved this. Couldn't stop eating.

So-so eggs benedict..

Must try! Their sauce for the truffle fries is AMAZ-BALLZ.


Beeeeee forgot to bring her makeup pouch so this bitch came to brunch with no makeup and still looking so chio -.-

ERM, When is this? Random date night with cherry in town! Having our all time favourite 1.50 sushi at nihon mura express. Wore my cutesy baby doll dress out hehe

Painted sliver nails for x'mas and cherry's 21st party!

Dessert and chilling session at Starbucks. Then I went to stay over her place and went shopping at city plaza the next day! SO MANY GOOD BUYS.

SNAIL WHITE. Bought this cause so many bloggers were being sponsored and it seems cool plus I have always wanted to try snail cream! I'm so easily influenced, especially for beauty products. Not sure if this is working cause I stopped after awhile when I got skin issues and I'm only using my dermatologist prescribed products.

Series of random photos.
Working for Mercs S-Class. Always amazed by their tailored dresses.

Radler launch! Nice drink and perfect for ladies and the not-so-good-with-alcohol me hahaha and I super love this romper! Look like a minion!!!!

Favourite bag that I've been carrying around and loving this baby doll dresses trend!


I will always love you, cheesecake.

Sunny side up I made for breakieee.

Oh. Bimbotic and frivolous buy.

After facial meetup - movie and supper at BK eating house.

Cut hair + Shiok udon w fang and audree
Trimmed those grass abit. But honestly, there isn't much difference. I wanted to keep both the length and fringe so I bet the stylist must thinking why this girl so lame.

Hehehe some x'mas loving at Starbucks with cranberry something something and cheesecake!

Having shiok udon at Liang court. NICE.

PHILOSOPHY + Dinner at Sentosa Cove with fang, reiko, hyde
Was working for Philosophy roadshow at bugis and spent most of my pay that day on their products. Good job xueqi. Very good job.

Dinner was great! And these idiots keep making fun of me not being able to take alcohol!!! That was only one incident hor. TSK

Went crazy on the swing......... hahahaha what a fun night. Love hanging out with these ladies (:

 My damage that day.

Hehehehe freebies.


Cuddles with my mum. She no love for me one. 

Spot her.

 Kitty downstairs! So cute and friendly.

Awwwww is it you love me?!

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