Has been long.. my life just went through a huge change recently. So I've been dealing with that.
I just had my 21st and am conquering exams now (last paper on 9th). What a great month. Fuck. No idea what to write about already. This post is going to be quite messy haha

K, starting off with the necklace my parents got for me for my 21st. I really didn't want an expensive present, plus I'm not very into birthday celebrations. So we decided on this.


To celebrate my dad and mine birthday, we booked a room in Sentosa. Well, the service was horrible and room was really small. My period came so I couldn't enjoy myself too. Wore the new crochet dress that I got from taobao. So many new loots from taobao that I have yet to wear out ): need to dress up and go out soon! So swamped with revision and exams.

New thing. I've been hooked onto McDonald's Beef Samurai and their FRIES. OMG how nice. I have ordered it 4-5 times just in one month. I always upsize to get their seaweed shakers. Enjoying sinful junk food with the company of sheldon cooper and gang.

CUI FACE still trying to act chio /:

But McDelivery is failing all the time. Why always can't cope with the orders? If you can't cope then why offer delivery services. And yet it happens during lunch and dinner timings. Happened 3 times in a row already. And phone hotlines are kinda useless cause they use the website to order as well hahaha PLEASE SORT THIS OUT. Get more delivery teams to counter the amount of orders.

Check out my cat. Why can't I be a cat.

My cat's soft soft fur. Just figured out she is kinda a medium-lengthen hair kitty. So curious how her parents look like.


Pretty mummy. Follow her on INSTAGRAM @zhangfg for daily updates of my cat haha

Thrown out her old box and gave her a sturdy new round box. How precious is this.

LION KING. She was so annoyed hahahaha

Random insert of my birthday photo. Been bingeing on junk food. And falling in love with cheesecake all over again! Hehe

A cute quote that I came across. Edited this with an iPhone app. SO CUTE. Can't wait to get my 5S! Please have stock soon Starhub. I really need something new in my life!!

And this is what I mean. Hahaha the things we do. We have been watching shows on my lappy for the past 2 days to relax before starting on our next paper. Total holiday mood. My dear qie rui has been coming over almost everyday to study or to chill. Laughing together and stressing out together. So glad I got to see my true friends from this incident. I'm very very grateful; knowing I'm not going through shitty days alone.

What is true friends? I always didn't know if I will ever have true friends in my life. We will just be bonded by either work, school or hobbies. Never really true friendship. But now I really want whatever I have going on with my current friends to last forever until all our teeth drop.

One thing I have been thinking. Will true friends support you when they know what you did is wrong or will they scold you and tell you that you're an asshole/bitch. I guess it depends. Some choose to listen and support your decisions, sharing your burden. But some choose to scold you and wake you the fuck up. Which will you choose? I prefer the latter. I mean of course they will be there to listen to you rant and agree with you. But I wish someone will be harsh and tell me the hard truth, then I will know they really cares; wanting you to be a better person and stronger. So I'm glad for those that has been telling me harshly. I needed to hear that.

Another random throwback photo..

So in case, you still didn't get it. Yes, I'm single. After 3.5 years, my first love came to an end. I've decided not to write anything about what happened, cause whatever has happened is done and no point talking about the past anymore. I can't be bothered to talk about it too. First week, I went to print out all these quotes to motivate myself. But I'm so glad and surprised by how well I have been handling this. Not to brag, but this is not easy.

Some quotes. I have been living by. I'm not EMO now ok. I fucking hate being one of those emo girls. I am past my emo days. I am on the road to finding back the balance in my life and enjoy being single.

This is sad but its the truth. There is no right and wrong in feelings. It is your actions and what you do about that feeling and the change. I don't blame the change in feelings. I only blame your actions of betrayal. But I know I will get over it soon enough and it will mean nothing.

People come and go. Treasure and appreciate those who make an effort to stay in your life. Those who simply gave up and walk out on you. They are not worth your effort holding on and looking back.

 One of the most important quote that I am living by. Explains the title of this post. Make the best out of the present and treasure what you have now instead of crying over the past. The future has yet to come. So I shouldn't be afraid of it. Instead, I should have faith that I will meet someone more worthy. That he will be better than this one and I will be happier.

Thank you for all that has happened. It will make me a better and stronger person. I have done everything and there is nothing to regret. You have my blessings and I want you to be happy cause I know I will be (:

Some bitstrip fun. xoxo xueqi

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