Supreme Floral Top is from the amazing shop my dear bb ( just started recently - WildFlower WildFire

Honestly, I was surprised with the quality of the tee. It's thick but not the hard hard kind. Really soft and comfortable. I can wear it for the entire day. Won't itch like those cheapo tees you buy from bugis street. This is only $25 for preorder. Worth every cent. I usually wear alot girly clothes but this is really something that I foresee myself re-wearing again and again.

WF/WF carries ALOT of STYLENANDA inspired apparels and the price is very affordable considering how good the quality is. These are just a few of the new items added for preorder.

They send out orders every MONDAY 2359HRS and takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive. 還在等什麼?!


Now, lets go through what I did for the couple of days. Starting with TODAY - 16th September, Monday.

It was a rough day for me. So I really needed some time off the usual routine and enjoy my day and do stupid things with my friends. So, Cherry being the super supportive and forever 'ON' friend ventured to Vivo City with me. Always so 歡樂 together with her. I can really forget all the shitty things troubling me when I'm around her and my CB姊妹s. Hai, I'm glad we did this today. Walking around Vivo City without an aim. Ate red velvet cupcakes, mango pomelo sago, shitty and expensive thai food. Cherry almost missing her order collection from supplier so we had to brisk walk to the bustop. Oh, and we smelt almost all the scent around in Vivo City to get a scent diffuser or whatever this shit is called for my room. In the end, we kinda went high on smelling fragrance lol so this is what I got in the end. YELLOW CHERRY.


The white rose is suppose to turn into the color of the liquid, which is yellow. Hope this works! Cause I really can't smell anything right now.

Did some bimbotic nails again. Should have done french tip. Regret doing this ARGH! Waste $$

Oh oh oh, let's take a look at my chio OOTD today haha everything is from the beloved TAOBAO, again. Off Shoulder Top, which I have in white as well. Got it from a different store so sadly it is quite sheer and the shade of white is fugly. Prefer off-white. Polka Dot PJ Pants, I wanted to order it in cream white BUT OOS! So sad and I can't find the same one anymore. This pants has the same tag as YoungHungryFree's PJ Pants hahaha same manufacturer but price very different.

My bitch face.

Me being bimbotic with the paper rose. Just let me be. I'M FUCKING EMO NOW OK. 久久一次.

Can't remember when I took these photos of Lizzie. Just enjoy the cuteness.

Lizzie really love stepping over my laptop when I'm watching shows.

14th & 15th September, WEEKENDS I was working for Philosophy's roadshow outside Tangs Orchard. And was lucky enough to bring back some goodies! So happy cause I always wanted to try their other products.

Was so pissed when I was on the bus home from town on a SUNDAY. Singaporeans should know why. I'm really not trying to judge or be racist or anything. But there are limits. Story was, me standing close to the exit door of the bus and there is this particular stop where all of them just suddenly CHARGE up the bus from the EXIT door. 這樣就算了. They still stomped on and pass my poor toes. I already made way for them but they are like some mad cows charging onto the bus and squeezing/knocking onto everyone and laughing loudly all the way. IS THAT EVEN FUNNY. WTF?! I had to take deep breathes to maintain my cool. I can feel all the stares they are getting but they are just oblivious to it. My poor toes were hurting for quite a while after I got home. ARGH.

Cute thing. I was removing my makeup and when I turned to get up, I see this little kitty lying down behind me. Aiyo why so precious. She craves for attention and companion but just hates to cuddle. WHY. I want cuddles from my cat too :(

Lol check out my 3/4 brows hahaha please refer to my real techniques brushes review post for the story on my brows.

What a princess. No idea why the quality of the photos turn out so shitty.

Before the weekends, I went for KOREAN BBQ dinner on 13th September, Friday. SHIOK. Have been craving for it for the longest time.

Be warned. Image heavy. My OOTD. Wore my cutesy baby doll dress out. LOVE IT.

Shoes is the same sandals I wore today, but in white. So comfy and cheap! If it spoils, I'm just gonna buy another one hahaha


Ate like a pig that day.

That's all for this post. I have nothing to say right now. Need to rest my brains and mind and body and heart. I am so exhausted in and out. I think there will be an emo post coming up soon. I have so much emoness building up inside me. Feel like exploding.

Ok my cat is crying for attention outside the door. Better go let her in now. Goodnight my lovely readers. Xoxo xueqi.

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