It has been a really long time since I last update anything on myself / my not-so-exciting life. Well, I have a 'few' photos from these few months so I'll slowly go through them in random orders.

SO, latest great buys - SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA!! Really great gadget. Zoom function is really impressive. I got this for $400+++ almost 500 at this shop called MobileSquare in Far East Plaza. Came with free screen protector and a black casing for the camera. Really worth it. I was contemplating between this and the EX2F, which I did a roadshow for awhile back and loved the wide angle shots and the revolving screen that is awesome for taking self shots! Price is about the same. I would say Galaxy Camera is more of a lifestyle gadget instead of a camera, though it has awesome functions and there is manual mode etc. EX2F is more camera like to me IMO. Do some research before purchasing. I love both though, some days I wished I had bought the EX2F instead. But nonetheless I still love my Galaxy Cam!

Here you go. A blur ass photo taken with my S3. Galaxy phones camera is really a let down. I miss my iPhone cameras. The photos are so much more vibrant in Apple phones.

Following taken by Galaxy Camera. Not the best samples. But I have better ones further down the blogpost so just slowly ah, continue reading hehe

OOTD dress from Taobao. My clothes now are majority from Taobao which I ordered through 65daigou. I am already upgrading to VIP after this order. Cheaper agent fee! WOOP. I really think I should set up a store or something. Everytime I order something from Taobao, blogshops here starts selling the same stuff while I was waiting for it to arrive. But even after the crazy shipping and agent fees which can go up to $80-100 depending on how much I bought, all the items are still cheaper than sg blogshops.

Edited some pictures. Love adding blushers to my selfies. Very cute detail.

Got the overlay from a iPhone app called Typography Overlays.

I think this is from ShiiOverlays.

Crazy cat lady. Lizzie is totally pissed.

 New glass heels I bought from a reseller on this app called Carousell.


FLORAL PANTS!! Loving this! I couldn't get the white one so I went everywhere and finally found one shop that sells the white one on Taobao. Can't wait for it to arrive! Paired this with my new heels from Jeffrey Campbell. So pretty.

Bought another pair of nude heels from a reseller on Carousell. It's from Love Bonito.

Got it a size bigger than my usual sizing. But lucky it is strappy so doesn't affect much. Gonna use it for work or night outs. Enjoying thick heels.

This is just cause my legs looked long -.- don't judge.

Wanted to do this blogpost 2 days ago but was too tired. Explains the stamp on the photo.

Details of the studs. Got this pair on AliExpress. It's abit revealing and too short at the back so need to be careful walking up stairs.
Kpo cat.

Some camwhore shots with the unwilling kitty. 


Love my lazy cat face sweater form BKK!

I did upper lip threading at Clementi area. This little Indian shop called Rimpy. Really good and fast. Only $3!! Cherry did her brows for the first time. So chio after threading her brows. Oh by the way. My friend - CHERRYQQ-X set up a blogshop preordering stuff. ALOT of STYLENANDA inspired items!! So pretty. I bought a floral top from her. Just received it yesterday. Was surprised by the quality! So thick but soft and not prickly at all. I will do a OOTD with it soon wahaha do visit her webstore - ♥

Finally some mustache-free upper lip hahaha

Here's some random updates in my life.
PS Cafe with my laopo. This place gave me alot of mosquito bites. And cake was quite disappointing.

Ordered a Banana Chocolate Cheesecake. All the 3 components taste great and should taste good together. But... this was a disappointment. Didn't like it at all.

Ice Mocha was alright.

OOTD details for the day.

And then, my lovely TESSHIRE FROG FACE turned 21!!!! Hehehe we had a great surprise for her, kindly planned by Cherry and host for the night was Kenneth. BBQ at his place. All the boys cooked and Daniel even prepared the bacon wrapped mushroom. Super yummy. And we had lots of talks about life and future.. Unusual topics but is really what we all should start thinking about.

Once again, happy 21st my idiot friend and I love you. All my girlfriends has been my support whenever I'm having bad days. Though they may not know and I don't always talk about these kind of things, but when I am feeling really upset and I see them in school, all their nonsense really cheer me up and the past 4 years has been great having them in my life.

10th of August, I met up with some old friends haha I can't even remember how long we have known each other. Maybe since Secondary 2 or 3. Dinner date at Hoshino Cafe in Plaza Singapura. This french toast is SOOOOO GOOD! Main course was so-so. But this is really the best dish of the night. Worth waiting for.

Pretty food shots taken with Galaxy Camera hehe

I had this pasta.

Fanny jiejie~

Brought mummy to Watami on a Sunday after consult at dental for Invasilgn. Can't wait to fix my teeth! 

Mummy so pretty!

Only photo we took of the food. Too busy eating.

Date night with the boy.

Hot Tomato's food is really good. Love their grilled prawns and steak! YUMS.

Sorry for the randomness of photos. I just grabbed whatever I had in my camera and uploaded. Lizzzzzie.

New infinity bracelet in rose gold. Stainless steel.

Ending off with some shots of Kobey sunbathing.

Thanks for reading this messy post! xoxo xueqi

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