It has been long my friends! I'm back, and hopefully I can keep it up.

Anyway, I've been loving the transparent strap trend that has been going on for awhile now. So I bought the one with sliver heels. ITS SO PRETTY. Goes really well with PAJAMAS PANTS!! Another piece that I've been loving. Just order a few on taobao hehehehe

Details of the pants that I bought on LoveLizzy awhile back.

This lovely dress is from taobao. Was pleasantly surprised by how great it looked when worn.

New buys from P.V.S kekeke

OK! I have to say, I actually went there intending to buy the black strap with gradient heels. BUT I decided to try this on just for fun. AND.. as you may already know, I fell in love with it and brought it home with me in the end. Even my boyfriend who disliked the transparent strap at first thought that it looked really good when worn. OH WELLS! Can't wait to wear this out. That's before the nasty blisters on my feet heals.

I will be back with more reviews and hauls etc!! PROMISE. Meanwhile, let me go concentrate on my mid-semester tests first :(


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