25th September 2013, Wednesday - Huskies

Today was project day and we decided to head over to texilock's house for meeting since we're meeting Zigzag Ziggy Soh today hehe and everyone just happily overslept. Stupid weather! So shiok for what. Worse thing is she stays all the way at MP!!!! I took an hour plus to get to her house. And on my way there, I met the blur cock beehoo cause she took the wrong direction from PP hahahaha so funny. But she bought KOI for us so sweet ah.

Tess' mum cooked fried rice and seaweed fishball soup for us! YUMMY! Just look at how great this dish looks! Home cooked food is still the best.

LALALA~ we did some project then Ziggy came and pick us up. Time to meet the huskies! KOSMO & MIKO! This is Ziggy 'bonding' with them.

Couldn't get a nice shot of them. They kept moving around. This is KOSMO. He is an old dog; in his final years already. So he's quite weak and restless. The skin allergy is making him smell too :( so heart breaking but at least Zig is giving him the best possible medications and care so he won't suffer.

Ever hyper MIKO bonding with cherry hahaha! I guess cherry really has a thing with animals.

MIKO running about.

Such great dogs. But they really do need a bath HAHA

Dinner was on Zig. He brought us to this Thai place as he refused to treat us Japanese food because it is TOO EXPENSIVE. We ordered Phad Thai, Tom Yam, Green Curry, Fried Bean Curd, Mango Salad, Sambal Kang Kong, Grilled Pork, Basil Chicken. WAH SO YUMMY. Very fulfilling dinner hehehe partly was because it was FREE. Sorry I didn't take any pictures. Was too hungry.

We then head over to another place for dessert hehe chessecake and white chocolate raspberry ice cream SOOOOO GOOD!

After dinner, we went back to his house to feed and walk the dogs. MIKO is really strong and crazy. But still under control. She's overweight; in need of some exercise. So I ran with her but she couldn't even catch up with me. Fatty MIKO couldn't sit still for a photo :( panting away after the run haha

Now I'm home relaxing. Watching some ANTM and having my clay mask on. Enjoy some of my idiotic camwhore shots.

End of today.

24th September 2013, Tuesday - Féline & CH

Boring school day. Came home and realize the flower is finally turning yellow. By the way, this is working great for my little room. Smells 萬得福 ^^

Some photos to show off my FAKE chrome hearts key chain. So pretty. It's really heavy though.

Féline top.

20th - 21st September 2013, Weekends - WORK

Fragrance for CK then F1 viewing & party.

What an awkward pose. My body looks weird.

 Just me.

Hello Stranger did the photo-booth for the event AGAIN. They are so popular with company events and roadshows. Here's a few of the photos I took at the job.

"ON" guests wearing the neon wigs hahaha


Fun bunch of people at the event.

With the girls. They look like a print ad seriously. Featuring my fat armpit.

19th - 20th September 2013, Thursday & Friday - 歡樂 w/Cherry

Chilled with cherry after class in town. We went gaigai and had dinner at RED TOMATO. Tess came to join us at night after her failed transaction with some bitch. We chilled at Frolick, then moved to Old Town, then moved to hawker opposite Cineleisure but it was too hot so went to McDonalds in the end.

Tess trying to make us GLOW with the lamp's lighting haha

Stayed over at cherry's place then we came to my place the next day to finish up some work for our project. Cherry bonding with Lizzie.

We then went out at night for RAF's birthday surprise. Here's our OOTN hehehe

God knows when, 2013.

Photos stolen from fanny's instagram.

Switched back to this old favourite.

My loves.

Modeled for Maker's Mart. They have a store in City Plaza and just ventured online. Did their first collection. As there wasn't any clear theme/style of posing in mind, the photos came out quite awkward (posing). Especially the first few sets of clothes. But gets slightly better towards the end.
Online store - gotomakersmart.com


Saw this on 9gag. Caption: "2 of my favourite things".

Lizzie cuddling with my butt.

What a cutie

xoxo xueqi


  1. Omg you're soooo pretty!!!

    1. Aww thank you Sasha! (: you're gorgeous too!