Back with my latest Sigma haul. Finally got my hands on these amazing brushes. I follow many beauty gurus on YouTube and these brushes has been receiving TONS of good reviews.

Initially I wanted to get it from Sigma Beauty, but the shipping is cray cray. While researching, I found this local web store, Luxola selling these brushes! Mad happy when I found it and even realized they offer free next day delivery to your door step. I got my brushes at 15% off with their discount code, or you can also check out the card promotions which are up to 15% off as well. Ok I'm not advertising for them, just really love to share good deals!

Now, here's a little preview of the brushes. I will proceed to use them for a week first before I review them in details. I will take close up photos of each and every brush as well. So do stay tuned for my updated review post.

Firstly, I've gotten the Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit 4 Brush Set and a E35 Tapered Blending Brush. Got two free gifts hehehe

Second set that I bought is the Mr. Bunny Essential Kit - 12 Pc Brush Set. Didn't get Mrs. Bunny cause I prefer the classic black design. Classic always the best.

Will be uploading an updated detailed review + close up shots very soon! Stay tuned. I'll be doing some simple reviews on products that I've been using a lot recently as well :) one of my new year resolutions is to update my blog more often.


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