Little something that my darling got for me! This is so pretty!! Has everything I like. Blings and Mint!

Okay, moving on to my little shopping done at Bugis Street.
Firstly, I bought some bangles/bracelets. All blings! The first two is only S$8 in total! BUTTTTTT I dropped one of it (the one that I liked better). So now its gone :( so sad!!! ARGH. So now I am only left with 3 of them. I found the other two pretty blings at level 2, right beside the escalator. Well these two are pretty pricey. But the bling is really pretty and the shop sells quality accessories too.

They each came in a bag like this.. Super thoughtful!

Here are the three blings that I'm left with

Saw this dress at level 2 as well - a snake print dress. Never had any clothes with this pattern before so I decided to give it a try. This only cost S$12. So even if its ugly on me, I wouldn't be so disappointed.

Another piece that I have been looking every where for!!! I know everyone has probably seen this shorts before. It is selling on almost every blogshop. But all OOS! And those that I can find, are all left with size S only - which I can't fit in at all. Cause M is just nice for me. I have a really HUGE butt.

Guess what. This is only S$15!! Not uber uber cheap but its much cheaper than what they are selling online!!! HAPPY GIRL NOW. 

 My dad is coming back end of August, and I know what that means... Time to taobao. But I really don't wanna trouble my dad to bring back so much stuff. So I might only pick a few items. Probably bags and clothes. Okay, to be honest, I really don't mind owning fake branded products. I don't care about authenticity. I just like the design, so I want to have it. Saving money and buying a Chanel bag can take ages with my pathetic pay now. So I rather get a feel of it first, then when I have the ability to buy, I will definitely get a real one in the future. A good bag can really last for a long time! This is something that I would want to invest in :)

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XOXO Xueqi 

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