As you can see from the title, there's alot to update about on my blog! Finally have the time to do it. The following photo is one of my favorite taken with my newly adopted kitty! Found her on this website: , under the adoption bulletin board.

Her name is Lizzie, short for Elizabeth Taylor. Yes, the actress. This name was given to her by her fosters, who found her at Serangoon Gardens. I wanted to rename her to Quinn cause she is like a QUEEN at home now. Being all glam and classy~ more photos later on..




Graduate lo~~~ this was at the graduation show that I did not attend.. lol




Dear came to my graduation with this huge bouquet of flowers! OMG chio max!♥♥♥♥♥♥
The card that came with it was super sweet and really touched me, even thou they are very simple words..

Jewel box that my dad got for me from taobao~ hehehe


Fluffy socks from daiso! Edited with Line camera, a very cute app!!


Garnier girls~ working working.. I've been working part time as a model recently to earn some extra cash to support my cat and buy cute things for her (:

Adopting Lizzie..
I have created a page for her
'cause she's a total celebrity ♥





cuddle buddies

Met bf and my parents after work for dinner at vivo. I bought a super pretty green/gold collar for Lizzie from PLC (:


Her new favorite napping spot in my room.. Super high up on the DVD player



rare cuddle time

Brunch with the TUBSSSSS~


Well, I've just started work at DDB Singapore! My work desk is just so pretty and awesome..


Chocolate from colleague (:


Came home to this after my first day of work..awwwwwwwwww


Last fri's outfit that my mum insisted on taking a photo of.. I'm loving this black dress! Regret not buying more colors!! Wine red and green....


Must join in the hello kitty craze.. and forced my bf to buy this for me hahaha


BUYS FROM DIVA SALE!!! I wanna shop at H&M and Zara thou.. I saw a few new arrivals and am tempted.


Working last sat.. again. At NEX NTUC
With Matilda~ so pretty! She didn't even have fake eye lash on, her eyes are so big ♥



Lizzie trying to lick my iphone's lens hahaha so cute


Well, another thing that pissed me off on a perfect day.. I uploaded this photo onto instagram and tagged 'igsg', cause they featured my photos twice and I really wanted Lizzie to be featured too! Well look at what they commented on this photo.......



They might not have meant it that way but it just sounded so sarcastic to me.. fking annoyed. Totally unfollowed them and never #ing them -.-




Another blur, yet cool, shot of Lizzie..


Okay.. Had a small surgery on tuesday and now resting at home for 14 days straight.. Still abit painful if I lift my arm up or do bigger movements. Relying on my strong painkillers for now

My bf visited me on tuesday after his work.. he's really a very thoughtful guy ♥


Really wanna improve the texture of my lips so I went to google DIY methods, as well as how to let my lipstick stay on longer. Need to buy new lipliner! This is just oil+sugar..


She's so gorgeous and sexy in this photo~~~ ♥


Pigging out at home....


New ring from diva again.. cheap cheap


How she fall asleep in my arms yesterday night..

This is her now.. chilling with me in the study room


Sharing some of my favorite lipsticks so far..

YESYESYES~~ Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ! In #30 and #1


Just look at how gorgeous the color is.. The packaging is so pretty and classy.
It even has a very nice mango scent. To me, it smells more like honeydew haha
However, the color does not stays on as long as the other cheap drugstore brands that I own.. Time to get myself a good lipliner. I heard Makeup Forever's is good. Heading down to Sephora someday!!

And.. I kinda splurged online again....... I bought it in #29 Opera Rose. VERY EXPENSIVE.


Moving on to drugstore brands.. Revlon. One of my favorites!!!


#Soft Nude and #Pink in the Afternoon
Both shades are gorgeous and stays! And all below 20bucks. You can find them in Watsons.


Lipbalms~ I regretted buying the cherry flavored one ($3.90). It is quite disgusting.. The berry flavor ($5.90) is so much better!!! Highly recommend this lipbalm (: not sure why the price difference is so big thou.. maybe they are having a promotion!


I actually love the NYX lipsticks too. They are 5 bucks each. Bought them at Smoochiezz's events! They have many different types of lipsticks.. Matte one are more pricy of course. Mine is very moisturizing but not those glossy or shimmering kind so its awesome.

These are the NYX lipsticks that I'm talking about. This photo is taken from Michelle Phan's facebook cause they have this monthly glam bag where they give away free makeup and stuff.. If only its available for singapore too!! I love Orange Soda, Georgia, Chloe and the last one ♥


That's all for today ♥

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