BANGKOK!!!!!!! ✈ ☁

This is like a celebration trip for our 2nd year and counting. Enjoy the photos!

Self painted red nails before leaving

Getting ready to take offfff~
taking off



Didn't know we had food for a 1 hr plus flight! But I still hate plane food.

So beautiful.. couldn't stop snapping photos of the scenery!





The dark parts are actually the shadows of the clouds.. didn't occur to me that clouds have shadows hahahaha bimbo moment

 Arrived at the hotel! Pratunam Pavilion.. Okay, 3 star. Can't expect too much. This is the street outside the hotel.

Our room was at level 2 and had no windows so there's no difference btw day and night.. on the bright side, we can always take the stairs.

The room has this weird pink lighting at the ceiling.. 


DAY 1 - Platinum Fashion Mall (เดอะแพลทินัม แฟชั่นมอลล์), Pratunam Night Market

We did some 'shopping' at the mall near our hotel.. sadly I wasn't really interested in the clothes in bkk.. not really my style and even thou its really nice, I also won't wear so no point wasting money :/ BUT I saw this super cheap denim shorts at the night market while walking back! It's only 100 baht!!! OMG so lucky to have my size. The rest are either too ugly or too big, like size 32 or sth. And to my surprise, this pair of shorts is super comfy and soft!! It's not so short and both right and left side looks quite diff, so that's the weird part. Other than that, LOVE IT!

Well, if you're going to bkk, please go and eat at the food court (level 6 - platinum fashion mall). Try their pork stew with rice and fried oyster. TRUST ME! It's sooooo good!!! And CHEAP.

DAY 2 - Chatuchak Weekend Market (ตลาดนัดจตุจักร), Chinatown Seafood, Khao San Night Market

We bought couple tee/tank hahaha I think it's so cute.. At least its not exactly the same design.


Dear brought me to the awesome waton mee stall along Pratunam that he has been talking about! It's really good and cheap.. Love the pig trotters!! YUMMY.

the famous wanton mee

this is awesome

Chatuchak was huge and the weather almost killed us.. SO HOT! My period came and my back was aching like hell. Felt like its gonna break any moment and I'm not being dramatic.. We had coconut ice cream, which was awesome, and a can of coke.

We couldn't take the walking and I really had nothing much to buy cause 90% of the stuff wasn't my style. So we went for a feet and shoulder massage! LOL  check out my bf's hairy legs..

The lady that helped me massage was so good.. I fall asleep. Wah fat tighs hahaha I really need some exercise. This angle kinda made my legs look fatter. But whatever, I love my new shorts ^_^

Found this photo in my bag later on.. Dear took this while I was asleep during the massage and put it into my bag secretly hahaha

We visited the pets section before Chatuchak started to close for the day. OMG the puppies are so freaking cute!!!! I held one of them and it was so fluffy and light, maybe they didn't feed them well :( Started raining later on.. Finally... Felt so good!

Took a tuk tuk to Chinatown for dinner!



Seafood time!!!! VERY VERY GOOD!!!!

Then, we headed down to Khao San Night Market. Very interesting place.. I bought bikinis and dear got a magic card that flies hahaha well the visual effect is awesome but the trick behind is so lame!

Sat down for some drinks at a bar..


All my buys for the first 2 days.. Not really alot. Mainly shorts and tees. Oh I love my new bra set! SO SILKY SMOOTH ♥

Favourite buy from Khao San. Not cheap at all but really great workmanship! Saw this ring from some fashion instagram account and I love it! Couldn't find it in turquoise so I got the white rhinestone instead.

DAY 3 - MBK, Siam Paragon (สยามพารากอน), Siam Street, Shrine, Oil Massage, Chinatown Seafood

Bought a few contact lens and a dress at MBK. Nothing much. We walked down to Siam street and Siam Paragon, then navigated ourselves to the shrine for some praying.. Didn't take photos for the day. Well, we just had massage and dinner again at Chinatown.. Nothing much really

DAY 4 - Platinum Fashion Mall (เดอะแพลทินัม แฟชั่นมอลล์), Union Mall

Before heading to Union Mall, we had our brunch at Platinum Mall food court again! Finally dear got to eat his shark fin soup lol!

I had this stewed pork with rice

And this awesome ttm fried oyster! Look at the sides!!! All crispy!


We bought some street food before heading to the airport.. Padthai and fried chicken is LOVEEEE. So cheap and good. Food will be the only thing I miss about bkk haha not shopping.

We had to seat separately :(

We had burger king before boarding the plane! So sinful hahaha

A few weeks before~ girls night out and anniversary ♥

Roof top bar~ so beautiful 


Edited with Phoster and another app, can't rmb the name 

Swim date on a Monday~

 Another girls night out~ I bought these two lovely things to pamper my lips. Drugstore buys!

If you're wondering, this color is called Pink In The Afternoon. Looks wonderful on the lips~

I'm just gonna show off how happy I am~~~ and how great my bf is hahahaha gross! Well, he gave me oil massage. So good!! Super relaxing~

Our dinner 


Dating on the weekend~~ So happy♥
HEHEHE I bought something.. 39 bucks only. 

Swee Choon for dinner! Wah OVERKILL MAX. 

 A few days before bkk. Went to Chinatown to collect our hotel voucher and change money.
Finally tried the mala there! So good! Definitely going back soon!!!

Worked the next day~ A garnier event at NYP.


Some old photo I found, bringing back so much memory ♥


what? who's that? my sister? oh no, that's my gorgeous mum


Random photo of me and my childhood friend on the mrt hahaha aiyo I love my tweetybird top♥

9GAG cuteness!

miniature hamster food! woah

those pawssss

that face hahahaha



IKR!!!! Don't come and fking hug my bf in front of me you bitch!

That's all for this long post~ xoxo

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