See, this is what I do all the time. I kinda just had some ice cream..


This is some cheap and good ice cream we got the other day. Two tubs for only 6 bucks. We got chocolate and strawberry! Feel so guilty after eating this everytime. I've finished more than half a tub in less than two days. This is not good. I shall have a light dinner. Maybe the quarter piece of watermelon in the fridge haha
Super cute kitties! Came across these on 9gag and Instagram. Can't wait to get my own kitten. Will be adopting one when I'm ready (:

hi5 cat


Finally settled our bkk trip last last week! Everything is booked! We'll be traveling 12th - 15th May. We were suppose to book our tickets at A1A but my boyfriend totally forgot to bring his passport or to remember his passport details. So after my interview for the modeling job, I went over to his work place and get his keys and went home to get it for him.. Kobey was so whiny and kept crying for attention.



I got the job! It was a roadshow promoting puma. Dear waited for it to end and booked tickets at iMAX to surprise me after work! Hehe sadly the movie sucked. Warth of the Titans. Please don't watch it. Bullshit and I fell asleep for a few minutes. Such a pity that he wasted money on a bad movie :(

LOL this is funny!

The blister that I had to bear with for the entire walk along orchard road.. the skin was dangling there after work :( so painful..


Went for a run last tuesday morning in my hello kitty socks hahaha I should exercise more. Maybe I should swim soon!!




Finally met up with the girls!!! We had a super fun time gossiping/bitching and updating each other :D we had sushi and sashimi at 日本村, budget dinner to save some money haha

Went over to dear's aunt house this saturday for a little gathering :D
He started taking photos of himself with my phone's front cam hahaha I have like 10 over photos of him.









Painted easter eggs on sunday :D this is my tuxedo egg!


Great, I have clean nails at last!!! Planning to paint them black.. the galaxy nail polish.


End of another boring photo entry.. so bored now. Already at season 6 of desperate housewives. So much drama.. susan is the only character that keeps pissing me off. She is so drama and annoying sometimes. Can't wait for my shopping trip tmr.

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