Just DIY-ed this pair of old denim shorts! So fun. I searched for a video on YouTube for the tutorial. I didn't take a before photo. This one is taken after I already cut the ends of the shorts.

Detail: RIPPING!!

Tools needed: scissors, needle, tweezers.



Can actually fold it up to expose the pockets, but it will cover up the ripped parts lol


I currently have this color on, both hands and feet. But as you can see from the photo, the surface is not smooth :( I think its air bubbles, gross me out. Must be the top coat! Need to get a new top coat. So tempted to change the color.. Maybe sliver?

 Recent new polish buys! Faceshop polish (white cap) is not really that good, very hard to apply an even coat. But I love the black ($7.90) and sliver cap ($10.90) ones. Very good quality!!

Cat at bf's void deck. We named it 小花猫. So cute.. domestic short hair actually very pretty!

Current favourite food. Other than tom yam. SWEET & SPICY stuff is my fav!!

 BF finally got his watch. Looks nicer in real life. He gave the super nice casing to me hehehe

 KOBEY SHOTS. Tamest dog I've ever seen.


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Free gift from estee lauder (: very natural lip color.
Barely Nude

Btw, new app that I download.. This website is something like tumblr. Many pretty photos.

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