Was bored at home the other day and started playing with makeup. I put on my new NYX red lipstick (: bought two new cheap lipsticks. Surprisingly good quality. It wont dry up my lips. But sadly the nude 'Summer Love' shade can't last.. Still searching for a good and long lasting nude lipstick!

Curled my hair with the VS hair curling iron. It's not bad. Can't wait for my hair to grow out and I can finally do all the curly hairstyles that I've always wanted.


I seriously need some better foundation and a primer. I hate putting so much powder on my face. Should get those translucent setting powder / mineral powder. I came across this video by sephora and might be buying some of the products below.

Not sure if Singapore has Hourglass. Most probably getting Makeup forever as I'll be getting the Makeup forever foundation later on. Just need a primer for now.

I LOVE MAKEUP BRUSHES... But they are always so expensive.

Met dear's colleagues for dinner and a drink that night. Playing monopoly on ipad haha it was funn (:


My breakfast the next morning wooo~ missed this.

Thinking if I should change my cover to this. But I chose the bunny one instead. 


Look! So cute right. It's like a bunny wearing the tuxedo (: the bunny cover has so much more grip.

New buys! Galaxy and mint green! From The Face Shop.

Chio max~ gonna apply this soon! Maybe next week.

My current favorite nail polish: MICHELLE! Bought this at cine level 2. Cheap and good nail polish.

FINALLY. Dear bought his new mouse pad and mouse. After so long.. Chio right. The lights can change color! The blue and pink one is super pretty!

Meet cherry yesterday to submit documents for our uni applications. SIM and SMU.

Cutest dog ever. So tame..



Random kitty photos I came across on facebook. SO CUTE!



"A Walrus reacts after being presented with a birthday cake made from fish."



Sorry for the lack of content. I'm abit lazy haha shall get back to my desperate housewives :D ♥


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    1. Aww thanks your the kind words :) I miss my bangs too!! But bangs is much work to maintain haha

      Thanks for reading! ♥