My face is getting fatter and fatter.. I can't stop eating since I came back from shanghai. What is this?! I have late dinners and suppers all the time. Snacking non stop. Boyfriend is becoming fat too. Damn, we need to exercise. We've been saying this for ages and haven't went for a run even once. But I still don't want to give up eating good food just yet. I want to eat and eat and never get fat. I really believe this is the dream of every girl on the planet, instead of finding true love hahaha

Yea, so I shall start again on my weekly photo journal.. I've been meeting bf for like ALMOST everyday this week o.0 SIAO. Overwhelming week for me. Not really used to meeting so frequent.

We met for a late dinner on Monday. Sakae Sushi at west mall which is super near my house. I tied this messy bun! Love it so much. I seldom succeed in doing this. I can never do a nice DIY hairstyle on my own. I've been watching many hair tutorials on youtube! Wanna try out so many of them but I need to have longer hair.

Search for these channels on youtube! 
AnniesBeautyLife - she is super beautiful and reminds me so much of princess tard (SHAYTARDS)
LuxyHair - two sisters doing hair tutorials! Awesome channel!



Froyo for dessert!!

My super delicious brunch on Tuesday (: mum prepared it for me! I spammed Gordon Ramsay's cooking tutorials on youtube and I want to try them all!! So interesting. I shall go shop for some groceries soon and prepared awesome western dishes wooop~

Was really bored so I went to dig up my old stuff in the store room. I found black and white baby photos of myself and other junks. I even read my old diary hahaha omg the things I write.. even old neoprints! My transition since I was a fat kid haha

I made the following mustache stamp from a eraser! Drew it on and 'craved' it with a pen knife. FUN. Really enjoy DIY stuff.

Accompanied the boyfriend to play basketball on Wednesday. Some stupid violent guy elbowed him on the chin and there was a cut.. tsk tsk

I didn't even play and I had this for dinner at around 10:30pm. It is delicious!! Love the meat.

YAY. Date night on Thursday! I wore my bling sequin collar top with a bandage skirt :D I loved this combi. If I change the skirt to the skater one, it looks pretty good too. I really don't know how to wear this type of top other than with high waist skirts/shorts.. any ideas people??

We caught Act of Valor!!! The show that my boyfriend had been so excited about.. But was slightly disappointed. It was exciting at the start where they rescued the girl but it got abit boring towards the end and all I wanted was to faster know the ending of it. But overall, it's still a nice movie. Just not as exciting as we thought it would be. They should totally do a Call of Duty or Battlefield movie! HAHAHA I watched my boyfriend play the game and its so much more exciting than the movie.


Watched it at GX MAX @ Vivo City. I missed gv max!!! Seats are so comfy and wide.

Had Marché for dinner. Okay, thou the food is nice, but to me it was way too expensive.


Went home and made these DIY tea bags for my boyfriend. It is a small gift for our 22th monthsary on Saturday. I ripped out the Lipton tag and replaced them with a heart shape, so that it will look super cute when he drinks it. I did this till about 5 plus in the morning.. I did a door hanger too. But he didn't like his photo :(


View from my house~~~

Saw this on 9gag! Hahaha patrick!


Lazing around with kobey

We watched Devil Inside on Friday night at Yishun. We didn't want to watch movie at all and the plan was suppose to go home and rest after dinner. I kinda got abit pissed half way caused of some stupid things :( but anyway, it was still a great night.

I'm not putting up the poster because it scares me.. very disturbing. The movie was only rated 2 stars by us. Hated the ending. ARGH. Disappointed.

Anyway, we watched a movie again ytd! Man on a Ledge. This one was better. 3 stars!


I was watching some hair tutorials and dear decided to try out this one. He knows how to tie a plait and I was questioning him if he always helped other girls to tie their hair! LOL



My new wallpaper LOL.


That's all for this post. I need to sleep now! Goodnight.
It feels special to know that someone out there reads my blog.. hehe thank you (: ♥

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