Saw this red vintage volvo car on display at suntec on Friday. So pretty. Wish I can own one in the future. That's zoe and ronnie beside the car. Bumped into them at millennia walk, so we had suntec bah ku teh for dinner together (:

I had a weird tummy ache after having dinner. Maybe I ate too much or there was 'air' in my tummy and ate too fast. Dear and I headed down to clarke quay for a drink at Café Iguana.. I missed their chips and salsa dip but I guess I'm kinda over it now. It's no longer the 'this is the shit' chips for me.

Sigh.. we got into an argument.. Nasty.. Hated it. #$%^&*^#@#$%^*&)*@@#$%^&*!

While we were about to cab home, I vomited at the road side, TWICE. This is only my 3rd time vomiting. I really HATE it. Every single time I vomit, I want to cry. So disgusting and this time it's embarrassing. Must be the tummy ache earlier that made me threw up. Dear got me some pills to make my tummy feel better. It was just gross. Not nice. Never have a full meal before drinking. Should have known better after my unpleasant experience in shanghai.

Yesterday was SDD Vol. 03 Finals. The show was awesome. Enjoyed it a lot!

I don't know why but I actually had tears in my eyes while watching JATB. Not like I've know them super long or am super close with them but it definitely touched me for some reason. I had that 'heart pinching' feeling, especially towards the end. I'm gonna miss seeing them on stage together.

Watch it.

Champion - Da Street Soul
They are amazing. I kept saying 'omg' through out the entire performance. (Y)

I just expanded horizontally. I gained 2 kgs within these 2 months. And it shows up so obvious in photos and my boyfriend always tells me to stop eating cause he knows that I'll be upset when I gain weight. OMG why can't I be controlled anymore :( I have no more determination to go on a diet or any self-control at this point. This can't continue.. I need some motivation and a push to at least start to exercise again.

Oh something stupid my boyfriend did again. He forgot his keys and we were locked outside of his house under the super hot sun. We were suppose to chill and 'watch him play games' before going SDD. End up we had to walk all the way to KFC and sweat so much.. Urgh complains complains.

Finally in! After 1 and a half hour.. But we still had fun playing hp games in KFC (:

Went out with tess to town on tuesday. Wore my cheap shanghai wedges (: we walked around H&M and was stuck inside because of the rain. I saw the bikini below! It's very normal and simple but I love it. I have always wanted a white bikini. I know I have no body to wear it now but I really want it..... so badly........ Need some money! Oh, I'm gonna sell my stage clothes soon. Taking pictures and putting them together. So many that I haven't even wear Not even once!!


Love this dress! I saw the tops in this pattern.

Met mum for dinner at vivo and walked around having some mother daughter time (:
My all time favvvvvvv - TOM YAM!

I made this! Yummy!!! A lot of fattening sauce :/ don't judge

YAY. I love doing the hairstyles I see on youtube tutorials. Can't wait to try so many of them but I need to have longer hair. I want to do those super sexy curls!! I tried on my hair the other day, but I just looked like some weirdo with a bad hair day.


We have been arguing quite often lately.. or very often. All couples have their issues and stupid arguments. But I'm so sick of it. I hate saying nasty things or things I regret later on. Yes, I'm working on what I wrote in my previous blog posts on the book. But it's not easy to alter someone's behavior so easily and fast. Especially when I have my annoying temper to deal with. I am not proud of where I am now but I can be sure that I didn't forget what I learnt. I don't feel pressured to change myself or anything but it's just so hard at times when my temper gets the better of me. Which is almost 99% of the time. I always let my temper and selfishness gets the better of me and this just screws everything up. End up ruining a perfect day. I wish I can get over this phrase soon. I really gotta start working on controlling my temper first. Step by step.

Neither of us is perfect and we both say hurtful words at times but its not that we don't love each other. I've always said that people learn and grow from relationships and arguments. But I always do the same things over and over again that I thought I already 'learnt'. Easier said than done.

I really appreciate my boyfriend for his patience. This is the one thing I'm lack of. I can get so frustrated quickly and turns into some mad woman within minutes. He is more assuring now and this makes me feels so loved. And I love it when he holds my face and tells me he loves me.

I'm a really lucky girl, who is blessed with many wonderful people in my life. So I really want to be a better person, daughter, girlfriend, and friend. Hopefully I can DO what I SAY.

It's 4plus in the morning. Gotta sleep. Ending this entry with some cuteness. Came across these on tumblr and 9gag. Cutest kitties ever!!


 those blue eyes!!


Goodnight ♥

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