Finally went to the Titanic Exhibition at MBS Art Science Museum. It was okay. We get to see the stuff they got out from the sea, like parts of the ship. And we get to see the actual sets that were in the movie. So pretty.. We touched an ice-berg........ The sign says the actual water is much colder as salt water freezes at a lower temperature. It was kinda lame.. Like putting a block of ice-cube and telling you the actual one is slightly colder.

The tickets are 20 bucks per pax for Singaporeans. Kinda expensive, for me.





Super frustrated with the rain.. My shoes were all wet and my feet stinks!!!!!!!

This was our dinner. Super nice beef noodles at the flyer! Go try it out. It's only 5 bucks.


Bought this at the IT show too! So cute right! I wanna try out the tuxedo manicure.




Speaking of manicure, I found these 2 DIY tutorial.



Went out for a walk on Tuesday.. too bored stuck at home doing nothing.


This is what I mean by can't stop eating.. I bought chips because I wanted to snack on something.. at 12 midnight.





Found this booklet. God I miss shanghai..


Took a picture of my messy wardrobe. I even stuffed my bolster in cause I had no space on my bed.. I want a queen size bed for myself hahahaha greedy much. 


OH. I WANT THIS!!!!!! Or maybe I can find a plain canvas bag to DIY..


So tired.. Sorry for the lack of content.

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