Lovin' Instagram! Super like all the effects and the 'easy-ness' to share. So follow me if you haven't (: but I doubt anyone will see cause my blog's readership is the NEW LOW hahaha whatever, I still enjoy blogging even if there's no one reading *lika boss* LOL WTF entertaining myself. It's 3:41am right now. Abit seh already.

Yes. I am planning to let my fringe grow and have a no fringe look hehe I know my face is super big and long :( but fringe is such a chore to maintain.. and when I'm lazy to trim, I get heart attacks when going to salons cause they like to trim it above my eyebrows >:@

Anyway, yesterday was .......

SDD VOL.03!!! Exciting show! Enjoyed it alot. Got quite a good seat too, just that it's not center view but it's my first ever comfortable seat at a dance competition.

I was so excited to see JATB's item! Haven't seen it before. So not used to not seeing my boyfriend on stage together with them thou. He will look nice in the costume hahahahahaha that's not the main point. Their item was AWESOMEEEZZZZZZZZZ!!! The concept was so nice and creative. I was smiling and cheering through out the entire performance. Hyped for Finals!!! Excited and nervous for them!!

Click HERE for the video on Facebook. *Credits: Yasseen CrazeBeatz*

Another two of my favourite teams are KO-08 and Elecoldxhot. Honestly, I was always quite bored while watching locking teams in the past :x but this is my first time enjoying the performance!

Outfit of the day. Love my high waist skirt that I bought in shanghai.


So I got ready and met my boyfriend for lunch at his house. We had cheap and good chicken rice! Thumbs up. He had to bathe and get ready to leave for SDD so we headed home. There was already a long queue when we reached but lucky we had a huge group of friends there hehe NRA.

We had a date before heading to his friend's birthday gathering at Aura *thai club*. We caught THIS MEANS WAR. Nice movie! Hilarious convos and both male leads so hot hehe

We had super nice bah ku teh for dinner!!!!!! SO GOOD! Then went to Starbucks for a cup of coffee where he folded this rose for me again (:

Outfit for the day. If you noticed, it's the same high waist skirt again hahaha oops don't judge me from the messiness of room k..


So, here we are at Aura. It's okay la. Compared to those clubs this is still better. Just that the singing was sooooo loud. Having a headache solely from the loudness. I still enjoy bars/pubs so much more. A nice chilling place with a live band.

And I have to admit I was quite 'annoyed' by my boyfriend's constant praises of this FEMALE singer in Aura. LOL I know. If it was a male, I wouldn't care. I agree that she sings very good and is a friendly girl. But ... it's their job to be friendly right? -.- and all they want is you to spend money on them by buying them the stupid flowers..... I seriously don't get it. Plus my boyfriend kept on saying how good she is. I was really really annoyed for a moment :( it may sound really selfish and petty. But thai clubs, not my thing. It was just for a while la. But then I got slightly unhappy again when my boyfriend bought the stupid flowers for her. TWICE! WHATTTTT. IT'S HER JOB, WHY MUST BUY HER FLOWERS WHEN SHE SINGS THE SONGS WE LIKE o.0 and he said they're FRIENDS. I really thought they were friends. LOL end up we were more like normal 'clients' visiting the place. K la maybe I really put my personal feelings in cause she is a GIRL haha *wah cannot stand myself so lame but still not deleting this paragraph cause I need write out my true feelings* but I still cannot accept my boyfriend buying flowers for her like its nothing and so cheap.

As long as there was good company, I'm fine. I don't mind going back again. If it's with my boyfriend then maybe I'll stay away from the singer and don't witness the act of buying flowers LOL


Okay. I'm done venting. I love you my blog. You're a great listener.

According to my boyfriend, the chio-est girl there. I love her hair!

Of course, I still love my boyfriend so so so so soooooo much. I was just annoyed for the moment cause I don't really enjoy the place as much hahaha

Went his house at 7pm for dinner and came home after. Watched this old chinese movie called Pirates. Male lead is the HUANG AH MA in 還珠格格.. He was really good looking when he was young!

Johnny Depp

Goodnight and sorry for the angsty rants.
Love, xueqi

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