Home sweet home~ back in Singapore on the 4th, a Saturday. Can't believe I'm back for good. Everything in Shanghai just ended and I won't be going back any time sooner. Such a weird feeling..

I failed to surprise my boyfriend. He was too smart and I just decided to tell him the truth two days before leaving..

Woke up at 430am to catch my 820am flight! My luggage totally exceed the limit by 10 over kgs o.0 they let me in anyways. Good to be early

Cherry's luggage
My country bumpkin bag 


We had brunch on the plane. Egg and strawberry jam was nice. Hated the sausage and veges. The pineapple dessert was too sweet for me too. We had singapore sling and took out nap before arriving in sg. Sad thing is that we didn't get our bag of kids games and toys :( no more....


Dear was standing there with cute rose. Everything is still so surreal. I felt so weird hugging and kissing someone that I didn't meet for 5 months. My heart was really beating very fast. Funny huh. We were suppose to be the closest people but yet I feel nervous..


Before collecting our luggage we went DFS for some shopping. We bought Victoria Secrets fragrance. S$39. It's really really sweet thou, like candy. The bottle is really nice :)

Look at my bf's huge ass galaxy note
But the screen is awesome for watching videos and stuff! The white one is super chio~~~

Went home for some packing and left for dinner at west mall. We ate not-so-nice zhi char - 咕噜肉、铁板豆腐、辣椒螃蟹.. and then I had a tummy ache! So we went home without catching the movie we want.

That was Saturday. Sunday we slept in and went to his house. It was family day, his sister's family was there too and they all said I slimmed down!!! Omg so happy. I seriously gained weight but since it wasn't obvious then I'm fine with it :D

LOL! Kobey looks so funny. Like a huge chihuahua.


Went to Cafe Iguana at Clarke Quay for some drinks. Strawberry margarita. I absolutely loved the chips and salsa sauce!! So niceeeee!

Cabbed home, bathe and sleep..

Went back school to submit reports. Wasn't feeling well thou.. I still had my tom yam jiao zi mian. The standard dropped. Even the chilli sauce is getting more and more diluted. I definitely missed makan place food!



My mum bought extra perfume and gave one of it to me. The bottle is so pretty!!!

Xiang xiang ~


It's really big thou! And I didn't regret paying slightly more for a better quality bag :D

Here comes the BAD NEWS. I called singtel to check for stocks - iPhone 4S 16GB White.


I have been looking forward to this day since a few months ago..... and now they got no stock. However I was really tempted to get Galaxy SII in white. It's so pretty. I love Android! But I just hate customizing.. I like simple and nice default interface, like Apple's.



Plus I already bought 3 covers for my iPhone! Can't wait to use them.


So sad and affected now. WHYYYYY :(:( really hope that there will be stock tmr or sth. Miracle please.

At least for this cute little twitter birdie~~~?


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