Happy Valentines  wore my new sequin dress for my date yesterday. It's super short, can't even bend over without exposing my panties. But I still had a great night out with the boy :D

Wasn't really satisfied with my makeup.. Tried on the fake lashes I bought from Shanghai, but I couldn't stick it on properly so one corner kept sticking out :(

Took a cab down cause I spent too much time doing my makeup and deciding what to wear. Dear booked a table at our recently favourite place - Café Iguana. We went there so many times last week. Cause I fall in love with their chips and salsa sauce. It's soooo good! Their frozen margarita is nice too.

HOHOHO my first ever bouquet of flowers :D ♥ lovely

Mine :) its some fish thingy, called snapper. Super tasty! I loved it.
This rib eye steak set is only 39. Portion is big enough to be shared by two!
Look at the yellow rose my bf made from the paper napkin. So pretty!




Feeling so loved :D It was a wonderful night. Other than my bf eating way too much (all because of me ordering so many dishes) and feeling unwell :( he is on MC today. Hopefully he'll be fine tmr.

Check out this adorable kitty!!!! OMG!!!!
9th February, Thursday - Meet up with Shaa and Aly aka Racial Harmony
Met up with my lovely group mates after so long. I missed both of them so much!!! I totally miscalculated the time and left an hour early LOL so I went down to Limited Ed. to meet Fanny for a chat then met Shaa for a bit of shopping and lunch. Aly, unfortunately was caught up at work by her sup :( so she met us slightly later.


Shaa bought her a mini cake to celebrate her bday :D *

Shaa, once again, being forced to treat us to sth hahaha
I was hungry at night so I dragged dear down for zhi char... hehehehehe
10th February, Friday - Date Night
Finally a date with dear after 5 long months!!! So happy.

Self made breakfast :D atas milk!
Wanted to wear this pair of wedges but its way to high haha

Soup Spoon for dinner! It's my first time eating. Mushroom soup and roasted duck wrap was nice!

PAPER ROSE ♥ sadly it was thrown away by the waitress

11st February, Saturday
Woooo BOON TONG KEE!!!! THE BEST CHICKEN RICE EVAAAA. I'm hungry even looking at the photos.

Headed down to OverEasy for xiangtian's bday dinner!


12th February, Sunday
Chilling at home the entire day with dear.

Ming Ji Laksa for breakfast!!!
13th February, Monday
Can't rmb what I did that day. Met dear for pre-vday shopping at TAKA to spend his vouchers. I didn't find anything in particular but I saw a wallet and a serum that I both like a lot. Agnes B wallet is 435 and estee lauder's advanced night repair serum is 138! So tempted. Dear bought a new perfume. Smells really good! Worth it. Mont Blanc Legend.

Can't stop thinking about the wallet and the serum! How I wish I'm rich enough to buy both :(

This is the wallet. But I one I like is in blue. Not those bright royal blue.

I am on Path! Follow me. But I seldom use Path. I just like some of the camera effects.
Follow me on Instagram too! @xueqiiii (4 'i's) YES! I GOT MY IPHONE :D HEHEHE 'cause Android got no Instagram.


Ended tonight with my fav red wine mask from my beauty diary ♥

Goodnight all xoxo, xueqi ♥

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