Am always out of ideas for blogpost titles.. but anyway here I am blogging about my daily life :D ♥

Submitted the documents for SMU and NUS today. I applied for social sciences and communication courses. Will be finishing up for SIM and Curtin tmr and then wait for news from NTU for docs. Really hope I can get into one of the 3 local unis! So worried and nervous now.

Anyway, remember this?? If you're following me on Instagram (Follow me if you're not @xueqiiii), you would have seen almost all of the photos I'm posting here.

I really wanted this: ESTEE LAUDER's Advanced Night Repair - Synchronized Recovery Complex Serum.










I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHE ^^ HAPPY ♥
It's counted as my v'day present :) dear got it for meeeeee.

Look at the row of Estée Lauder products. My dad bought a set for me as my birthday present last year. And dear got me the toner and serum, they even gave free gifts cause it was above $180 - 3 moisturizer, 1 eye cream, 1 serum, 1 lipstick and 1 mascara.

Here is the whole set of mascara I currently own. I only buy drugstore brands cause it's affordable and out of these 4, 3 of them is free. My favourite is the black and white L'Oreal mascara - double extension, from my dad. I just tried the Estée Lauder's one yesterday and its not bad! I like it. It's a volume lifting mascara.

OH. Since I'm so free nowadays, I might do a short tutorial for my makeup hahaha please support :D ♥

Saturday was glen's birthday dinner. We had AWESOME korean BBQ at Novena called 食客. Talking about it now makes me even more hungry. We googled and it was indoors so I wore the stupid sweater. AND THEN, so damn hot and stuffy. Blame myself for being stupid. But the food was really super good!!! Boss is korean and very friendly and nice. They even have birthday songs in their playlist for people to celebrate haha and he took a free polaroid for us! Why so nice de ♥ will definitely go back soon.

Next morning, we had home made food from mama~ woooo I love home cook food; the best! Then we headed down to dear's house and prepare for his daddy's birthday dinner :)

Kobey's various sleeping poses hahaha so cute

Shanelle watching Ice Age hahaha so adorable.

DINNER! Porridge buffet! Cheap and good :D


Painted my nailed RED today. First time trying this color. I bought this nail polish at cine. Really good!! I like it alot and its quite cheap. There's ALOT of colors there. I'm definitely going back soon!

This is abit messy.. my hands kept trembling
Cleaned up the sides with a Q-tip
Same photo with another one of my favourite effect from Instagram :) hehe 

Legs are too cool for me, yo~ merpuppy.


My mum still don't allow me to adopt a cat :( she says its too smelly........



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