Look! I did my first leopard prints manicure ytd! My index finger is a fake nail btw haha. The base color was suppose to be matte.

This is the original photo I found on tumblr. Nice right.

My fringe.. Kill me now. I have mean bugging my friends with my whines for the whole of yesterday. BUT I'M REALLY UPSET AND PISSED!!! I raised my eyebrows in the photo just to get it covered. Stupid china man at beautiful love cut it too short. Pissed at myself for going for a 'trim'. I SAID TRIM. And he cut off a inch. Which takes 2 months to grow. And I specify that I don't want bangs! I want side fringe. Which part of my words did he not understand. I seriously look like a cock now.

GIVE IT BACK :( I want my hair back..

I did this bling gel nails 2 weeks ago for my family photoshoot. The bling she stick on my nails are really ugly, so I plucked them all out in the end hahaha but gel nails are really good!!! Can never be damaged. But the removing process was torturing for my poor nails :(

No mood to blog anymore. Just look at all these random photos I saved last time.

That's all.
AWESOME. 18 days left! Last week of internship. FINAL REPORT! HERE I COME!!!!

Anyway I just received a good comment from my supervisor, Tim :D
"Love it. Seriously. Your skills will be missed here, thanks!"
OOOH~~~ it just made my day! ♥

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