I want to go home ...

I can't take the cold, the fats adding on to my existing ones, the thought about completing my final report, applications for university.... etc.

Just home sick and not up for anything right now. I think I'm really fat and unhealthy and I'm starting to hate my body and myself for no good reason. I was 51.5 - 52kg in this photo.. not skinny and perfect weight but at least I looked healthy and I was kinda satisfied with myself.


Now.. it's just horror when I look at my weight. It has been a month since I last weigh myself. Don't even dare to think about it. Wth its just weight issues and its already driving me crazy these few days.

Now I'm so troubled by the application thingy for universities. I don't think I can get into any local ones. But getting a degree from just a private uni is not what I want. I can't see what I want for my future for now. Nothing really interests me.

TIAN NA. And my final report. I've received my grades for my interim report. It's fine. Not super happy but okay la. The feedback from zig was to be more precise, which means DETAILS and ELABORATE. My contribution when working in a group and support it... which I guess is the Appendix. I was really slacking for the Appendix section cause I only put in a few pages. Not looking forward to doing that.... ITS SO MESSY AND TROUBLESOME. Plus I don't get what he meant by 'more evidence support in relation to my job'. So confusing...

I just reached wuxi on Monday and had my family photoshoot yesterday. I was a special experience. I didn't really liked my clothes and hairstyles and the poses that I was asked to do. But my parents were all dressed up and looked really nice (: we're going back on the 27th to choose the photos.

Will be leaving for shijiazhuang, my mum's hometown, tmr. Staying there for a week, before returning to wuxi then me going back to shanghai for my last week of internship!!! Will try my best to finish my learning experiences and appendix sections before I go back. So all I need to do when I'm back in the office is the final part, recommendation and organizing/printing/binding/burning disc. And ta da, ready for submission.

Super random photo. Oh the wonders of cosmetics.

Anyway, I've been watching many dramas lately. After I got to shanghai I watched the entire Ugly Betty series. It was nice and funny. Still continuing on VD, 90210, Gossip Girl, Glee. Then a few new ones, some being influenced by my house mates: The Glee Project, New Girl, Two Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, Outsourced, The Secret Circle, Pretty Little Liars, Community etc.

Please intro me nice ones!! I just started on Pretty Little Liars. 5th episode now.

30 days left to home 

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