Say Goodbye to 2011, Say Hello to 2012! 

Okay, loads of photos in this post! Guess is way more than the previous post. Enjoy!!

Friday, 30th December 2011 - Horrible dinner at Unas
On the last Friday of the year, we went for a nice dinner at Unas. We went in and sat at the tables with the red and white checkered table cloths.

We all ordered Chinese food instead of Western. They have awesome duck rice and jap style beef rice!!!! Anyway, we were told that we cannot sit on the nicely made tables with table cloths just because we are eating Chinese food and that table is only for western food. We were kinda offended and asked for a better reason. THEIR STANDARD ANSWER IS "就是這樣的!" What the......

Look at the table we sat at! It was beside the messy staff table and it wasn't even MADE and READY. It was just isolated at a corner. The only good thing is that it is RIGHT NEXT to the heater. ANNOYED! Tess kept saying that she felt so insulted. We became maids......

Jon and Cherry having some dessert

Saturday, 31st December 2011 - Counting down at The Bund
Expecting to see awesome fireworks and 3D lazer light show, we decided to spend our last moments of the year at The Bund. However, to our disappointment, after waiting for 4 hours, there was NO fireworks and NO ONE countdown with us. There was no 5,4,3,2,1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *HUGS TO COMPLETE STRANGERS* none of these happened -.- shanghai's new year is so so so boring. Everyone just stood there smiling like an idiot.

Us chilling at a weird snack / gift shop

Individual Shots at The Bund! :D
Random: This is the Atanu Bar that I helped to check out for my company's private event! So chio. It's a lighthouse bar.
Who run the world! GIRLS!
This guy (not from shanghai) had a fight with his wife and she came all the way to shanghai because of it. He chased after and now he wants to apologise to her by holding flowers and a note on The Bund, asking people to WEIBO (China twitter) to her telling her that he is waiting for her...... SWEET. But who knows. He might be a stalker. HAHAHAHA cause his wife is very pretty.
Some brotherly love~

Tess jon and yw then went to C's Bar to meet Adam and friends~ I went home instead cause I was feeling really tired and sleepy.

It took us so long to get a cab after the ultimate fail countdown experience at The Bund. And some drunk gayish indian guy with nice american accent started wishing everyone a happy new year when he was hailing for a cab. After he got on, he passed by us and wished us too. I WAS SUPER COLD AND ALL WRAPPED UP IN MY LOVELY DOWNJACKET so I didn't SMILE at him and his expression changed 180! Screaming in my face. "SMILE! BITCH!" WTF. YOU STUPID GAY MAN. *NO OFFENSE TO OTHER GAY PEOPLE OUT THERE. I LOVE MY GAY FRIENDS SO MUCH!* BUT YOU REALLY PISSED ME OFF BIG TIME. AS IF  I OWE YOU A LIVING. WHY SHOULD I SMILE. F**KING BASTARD. SO ANGRY. D: Go away, don't spoil my new year.

Sunday, 1st January 2012
We kinda just chilled at home and did nothing but eat and sleep. Tess and I watched a few episodes of 還珠格格!! It was so fun! 紫薇 is really annoying. She cries all the time. Can't believe she used to be my favourite character. I love 小燕子 now. So pretty and cute hahaha

Monday, 2nd January 2012 - 七宝老街
Holiday! We went to 七宝老街 and snacked around. Super fun day!
Me queuing up to withdraw money. Waited for super long
Poor little goldfish in keychains :(

Here it comes!!!! Traveling back in time!!! We're the originals.

Couldn't stop laughing. Look at the crowd behind us on the bridge! We had our 30 minutes of fame! People started taking photos of and with us hahaha so funny
With our fans :D
Waitress in Chinese restaurant with a skirt too tight for her hahahaha
This is only 5 RMB
The making of

Bought this cute iPhone cover for my future iPhone 4S that I'll get when I'm back in SINGAPORE! Guess what?! It's only 15 RMB. Bet can find cheaper ones but compared to SG this is super duper cheap. 3 SGD! Hehe


Tuesday, 3rd January 2012 - YW's birthday
It's yw's birthday and sk and I's 20th monthsary :D hehehe
To celebrate yw's bday, we all went to a KTV. Its so nice and grand. AND CHEAP. 39 RMB each for a medium size room for 4 hours. 25 RMB for buffet! Where got so good lobang in sg. I don't have any photos with me thou haha
After singing, we went shopping at H&M. I bought an 'expensive' dress for myself. It's not ex in SGD but I've become so cheapskate now...... damn.

Bought these on taobao hehehehe ^^
That's all for now :D

3 working days this week and 5 more next week and I'll be on leave. Can't wait to see my mummy on the 14th!!!!! After I come back from 石家庄, I'm only left with 1 week to end of internship and I can go enjoy my days in shanghai without thinking about work and reports. YAY!!!

44 days to home

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