Christmas is just around the corner! Awesomezzzz ♥ first time celebrating christmas in winter :D sadly its not a white christmas.

PLANSSS. We're gonna have our own little christmas party at home on saturday. Then head down to clubbing at Muse 1, gonna meet up with Rune and his friend there too I guess. 25th, I guess we'll all be sleeping at home. 26th is my off day and I can skype with my bf hehe

Oh speaking about off days. I'm gonna take my 5 days off sometime before the CNY week. Which means, I get to spend more time with my family and at my hometown for new years. Actually I wanted to take on the last week but I realized I need to write and print my report in the office, so better to come back for the last week. Printing in singapore is too way expensive, esp color printing. 坑爹吖~ hahaha

I just received an email. DDB Shanghai had this new year campaign for PepsiCo., featuring a few celebrities - Zhou Xun 周迅, Louis Koo 古天樂, Zhang Guoli 張國立, Show Lou 羅志祥 and Angela Zhang 張韶涵!!! Wish I was in accounts or something, then I could tag along to the site. It's okay, I have the original videos for both the TVC and the short film. K la, satisfied.

OHHHHHHHHH before I forget, watch this video. Super sweet (: cried again. I love proposal videos.

One of my colleagues is traveling to singapore on 28 Jan to 5 Feb with her bf. ENVY!!! Wish I can just crawl into her luggage :( gonna ask her to bring some stuff back to singapore for me hahahaha! Too much to bring back. On the other hand, I'm only left with 57 days till 17 Feb! :D mad happy! Can't wait to see my mom on 14 Jan and see my bf at the airport waiting for meeeee! Just thinking about this makes me excited.

Just got a new assignment. Working with Tribal DDB. AWESOME. BYE. AND I HAVE TWO HUGE ULCERS, MF PAIN.

Christmas tree cup cake for my lovely friends or whoever you are, reading this right now. Merry xmassss  

LOVES, xueqi (:

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