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"Be thankful for the bad things in life, for they open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before."

Enjoying my peaceful weekend at wuxi.. life's good when you don't have to rush projects and have meet ups in the weekend. Feeling drowsy now, guess I slept too much. Woke up at 1pm today hahaha! Dear called to say goodnight and I totally can't remember what our conversation was.. KO-ed.

Went over to my parents' friend's house for dinner last night. Their house is very pretty! Very ikea-ish. There are two floors and they added the second level themselves, cause the house was really high. Food was awesome and not oily at all. They are planning to open a restaurant somewhere in Singapore. Their 台灣牛肉麵 is da-shit!!!! Super nice!!!

I feel fat already..............

Mum's friend helped to bring over the liese bubble hair dye (: china still has no/very few jap products. I just dyed my hair, almost freeze to death. Tried ash brown this time and color turned out fine, just a very normal shade of brown. Ash can't last for asians unless we bleach it.

By the way, I really like the effects of this app called 美圖秀秀 (: my favorite effect is the retro/复古 one under 'Lomo'. I just found out they have a desktop app too! BUT ITS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR WINDOWS USERS ☹

Click here to download 美圖秀秀 (WIN).
Click here for the online version.

I was way toooooo comfortable slacking at home that I forgot to read my book. Shall start again tomorrow.

The weather is getting really cold now. Weather forecast for next Sunday says that its gonna be 1 - 7 degrees.... omg brrrrr need to wear my down jacket soon. Can't wait for Christmas to be here too ☃ maybe it'll snow ❄ a bit in Shanghai when it's super cold hehehehe

Command/Control + F '9'


Cool right, I ♥ U!


I have 3 new favorite websites (:

Confirm get addicted cause its just too funny and lame.

I saw this video yesterday and I cried.. miss home so much! MAMA~

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