Being nice to people you don't like isn't being "two-faces"; it's called growing up.
I have been lazy and kinda stopped reading the book. I WILL CONTINUE, soon.
Just getting really tired every single day of this week. So sleepy and lethargic :( I want to slack around all day and do nothing until the end of my internship. My homesickness is still not going away. Can't wait to embrace the warmth of the Singapore island. I rather get sick and take MC now. I get really heaty sometimes and my lower back pain is back. Guess I need a massage, but I got no money $$.

Anyway, last Saturday we celebrated cherry bb's birthday! Went shopping with auntie jon in the day (bought cheap wool tops for winter hehehe finally!) and met the rest at aly and cherry's house for the house party :D there were 10 over people at the party. Let's see if I still can remember their names.

birthday girl, organizer aly, haojie, jon, tess, jx, yw, ME, andrew, steph, yo na kim, julian, david, sarah, jerry, miruku (no idea how to spell). I think that's all!

Steph and Yo Na Kim are from korea! They're so nice and friendly. Andrew is their school mate from the states. All very fun people.

We had random party food and home-made pasta by aly haha then we played ice-breakers, cards games and finally the flip cup. SO FUN AND EXCITING. We all then went to Muse 1, a club, for the 'after party'. This club is so much better than Muse 2. We danced around and had loads of fun. Yo Na Kim is soooo sexy hahaha Muse 1 even had live bands singing! Those high songs. Super cool and they sound really good. They are 黑人, got great vocals! ✌

Anyway, some people seriously getting on my nerves *roll eyes* urgh. Stop being so gross please. Fake.

On our way back, haojie bought roses from the road side for us. Pretty ah. Mine is white.

We went back to cherry and aly's house at around 3am? Cleaned up the house and played some games in the living room. But I totally fall asleep -.- KO-ed, what a loser. SO SAD. I missed all the fun man. The rest played 'I never!' and block catching!!! WALAO :( I WANT TO PLAY TOO!! I was cuddling in bed with cherry instead and gave her a lot of warmth LOL! Apparently I'm a human heat radiator.


Tuesday. On my way to work alone.

My new boots (:

With my new green pants from qpl :D but it's tight like leggings.

Last night we put on a free mask that tess got from her colleague. Freaking pain when we were peeling it off!!!! Cause I've got too much facial hair hahaha! Had a lot of fun photobooth-ing and recording stupid videos of ourselves. Quoting jon, MEMORIES MAH!

Look at the stupid monkey girl behind me hahahaha we look like ninjas. ☣

 Crazy bitches :D

Two of us having mad moments before sleeping. We're role-playing as pregnant moms and my baby is a pink panther. Tess is so funny in this pic, esp the bottom two! I literally LOL-ed in the office when I saw this HAHAHA I was just trying too hard to be sexy.

Share some 'inspirational' stuff with you guys hehe;


Signing off, xueqi

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