Hope everyone had an awesome holiday (: this is gonna be a long post with lotsa photos! Enjoy.

17th December, Saturday - 七浦路 haul crazy
Went for a shopping spree on last saturday at qpl, again. JX bought himself a nice cheap coat (I chose it for him, thanks thanks *waves*). As usual, we had our little haul session at night. This time we played dress up as family members. I wore tess' new boots, specs, and bag pack.

20th December, Tuesday - Shanghai babies dinner @ Unas
We all had dinner together! Like finally!!! All 9 of us. The place is awesome. Beef rice and duck rice is heavenly~~~~ affordable and has great ambience.

21st December, Wednesday - dinner with Zig old man @ 滴水洞
ZIGGY old man is in town. We had dinner with him and Danny, Jon's boss. It was definitely fattening. Everything is so oily. Good to see him again anyway. He is a funny man. Like our daddy. We all followed zig to a dvd store after dinner. Wah all the dvds so sharp!!! And its cheap. Too bad I didn't find anything for myself.

23rd December, Friday - decorating!
Tess, JX and YW had a day off on friday so they went to 豫园 to buy christmas decorations for our party. It's so cheap and nice! They got cute headbands for each of us. I ps-ed and printed some images at work as decorations too. Ps-ed memes with santa hats hahaha and I totally forgot about forever alone. No wonder. Forever alone, even on christmas.

cut cut cut ✄

Just joni being joni.
Just a china girl doing chinese dance.

24th December, Saturday xmas eve - brunch with zig @ 巴贝拉
Met zig at lzm for brunch. He treated us again. So nice right. He came back with us to review our apartment again and take some photos for the next batch of students interning at shanghai. YOU LUCKY BITCHES. Got all the shitty things settled already. But we got the better semester thou hahaha! Lotsa holidays and winter. No need to suffer in the crazy summer weather.

OH! Zig lost his phone today haha his bumble bee army phone that he is very proud of.


24th December, Saturday xmas eve - party!
Too lazy to explain. Just see the photos. It was a very fun party! But our mood was totally destroyed after we left for clubbing............ suck. Best-worst christmas ever.
Plastic cups for the guests.
Me being awesome as always, helping with the food.

Mini christmas tree! So cute right. We even have REAL gifts below it.
Only photo with the nice decos of our house. Too bad stupid tess spoiled the photo hahahahahaha

Game time! Girl is tribal print top is YW's colleague, Fangzi.
YW's colleague, Sky (天) and friends.

Exchanging presents! Our modified version of secret santa.

Jerry, Coca-cola mug
Cherry, tea pot 
JX, chocolates
David, 暖宝宝
Mao, lip balm and cookies
Tess, beanie (wlao I like lor, so cute)
YW, gloves
Shella, soft toys
Auntie, key holder pouch

Hohoho I made this! So cool right.

Eye lashes so long....... unfair.
Another round of game. It got a bit awkward and boring after awhile thou....................

No idea how they do it. 

After our house party. We all head down to 'The Apartment', a club. Then decided to go to 'Shelter' cause its just next door anyway. Because of some stupid and loser-ish reasons we all changed our plans and all went to Richbaby instead.. ditching Sky and friends.......... :/

And I hated Richbaby!!!!!!!! It's totally like Muse 2. SUCK. So stuffy and the lighting sucked too. Only the music was good but I wasn't really in the mood to enjoy thou *kill joy*.

We all still had lotsa fun thou :D my most happening christmas hahaha I'm so not cool.


Know why I'm still up at this time? Cause I got no work tmr hehehe! You jelly?! Plan for tmr is to do my work, edit some party photos and upload on facebook and of course to skype with my boyfriend (:

Having fun in our pjs ♥ 


Guess that's all for this post! Will upload more photos from tess' and jon's camera soon. Goodnight!!

With love, xueqi ♥

p.s. seeing emo posts on facebook really pisses me off. I know I do that sometimes too but its only when I'm really upset, and not every single freaking day. Nobody is interest in your love life or how desperate you are. So fking annoying -.- and when people comment to cheer you up, you reply by saying you're fine! Then why post it in the first place. Attention seeking weirdo. I hate it esp when people say they're ugly blah blah blah, all you want is to get comments complimenting you right?! That you're pretty/handsome/sweet blah blah.... TO ALL YOU ANNOYING EMO PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK! STOP IT. URGH.

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