"The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them."

So true.. (:

Bought 3 wool sweaters that are exactly the same, just different colors - dark blue, dark grey, wine red. It's quite itchy so I'll have to wear something underneath.

Went to Ikea with tess on friday evening. She bought a container to use as a stool when she does her make up. We all usually squat in front of our make up table to use the mirror. My thighs gets super sore and painful when I stands up. Torture.

We went around pretty display rooms and sat in them as if we're at our own house and started chatting for like half an hour (at each room) hahaha. Look at the pretty and cute rooms. Like tai tai~

My adorable little carrot friend from Ikea. Say hi 小卜~

The temp dropped to -1 degree when we were on our way home! Almost died. And bathing is the worst time of the day :( can't stop shivering. Even my masks are icy cold.

We went to qpl again for some shopping. I didn't buy a lot. So upset that I didn't find a nice coat for myself. Hopefully my down jacket is enough for this winter. It's quite thin, so I'm a bit worried.
After qpl, we went to 徐家汇 for massage. OMFG! It was damn painful. My neck still hurts now, and has the sore feeling. I only enjoyed the part where they cracked my back. The rest was just plain torture to me. I can't stand pain.......... Still love the oil massage that I had in langkawi the most.

On our way to the massage place, we saw this abusive bf pulling his gf's hair and dragging her around. The girl was shouting at him but he just spoke softly beside her ears and suddenly pulls her with so much force. OMG so creepy. China is so happening.

We all slept in that day and woke up at around 1pm. Had brunch at Saizeriya at 3pm plus. Starting to hate the place and the service. Always feel like puking after. After eating, we went to this place called 七宝. Jx saw some angmoh recommending this place online, that we can go there for sight-seeing. But when we reached, there was NTH! Only shopping malls. So we walked around tesco and we saw these super cute packaging for apples!!!

We also found this new fast food restaurant called Dico's. It's totally like KFC, and lzx is endorsing it! The rest had a huge fried chicken. Looks super good and crunchy but I didn't had craving for fast food so I had dinner at lzm instead. At 9pm! All carbs somemore.

We plugged in our speakers and danced to the songs at night in our living room. Tess and jon were mad. Esp tess, she looks like she was having a spasm or something. I put on my act cute hello kitty pjs and danced with them. Watched the videos and I looked like a fool omg -.-!! Hahaha we all danced to beyoncé's sinle ladies and run the world. Definitely gonna miss all these when we go back. Only 7 more weeks to the end of our internship and we're having a total of 8 off days :D christmas (1 day), new year (2 days) and chinese new year (entire week)!

We're having a mini Christmas celebration party at our house this coming saturday! Rune, my colleague, will be bringing his friends too! David, Jerry and some others will be joining~ time for some cleaning. Our house is super dirty and have dust everywhere. Need money for decorations too. We're so broke!!! :(

Feeling the christmas spirit in DDB!

That's all for my weekend.

Still having homesickness since a few weeks ago :( this feeling is awful. Starting to miss my boyfriend so much too. 60 days left to 17th feb.. counting down everything single day. This is so unhealthy. I have quite a serious mood swing lately. I suddenly get reminded of things in the past and get so mad at it and regret my actions. Why did I even bother to apologise to this kind of people. Seriously. Don't try to lecture me when you're so much worse than me. Get a life.

Okay, I'm feeling better now haha just by writing one bitchy sentence about someone I don't like. Gonna go have my lunch now! XLBBBBB~

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